Jin Liqun Asian investment bank is not a copy of the existing institutions will be expanded to 90 me mcncc

Jin Liqun: Asia Investment Bank is not existing institutions copycat version members will expand to 90 of the Zhang Qingning Zhang Qin in August 25th, China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum 2016 Summer summit opened in Xi’an City, the Asian infrastructure investment bank (hereinafter referred to as the "Asian investment bank") group president Jin Li as a special guest keynote speech. Jin Liqun said that since the opening of the Asian investment bank, and steadily promote the construction of institutions and business operations, fully cooperate with existing multilateral development institutions, the first four projects in the joint financing of the three. Some of the country’s development and commercial institutions, have wanted to establish a cooperation mechanism with the Asian investment bank. Jin Liqun said that the successful construction of the Asian investment bank and successfully opened, is attracting more and more countries to participate. Beginning in September this year, the Asian investment bank will start the more than and 30 member states to submit applications for membership review process. Up to now, a total of 57 Members of the Asian investment bank, which is expected to reach 90, covering the world’s top five continents. In January 16, 2016, the establishment of Asian investment bank Council meeting, Jin Liqun was elected the first president of the Asian investment bank. The following is he in the summit speech, active cooperation, common development, Jin Liqun President China in Yabuli entrepreneurs forum 2016 Summer summit speech dear Hu Heping governor, distinguished entrepreneur friends, good morning everyone! I am very pleased to be invited to participate in the summit, to have the opportunity to communicate with many outstanding entrepreneurs. The Chinese government advocates innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing five development ideas, not only in China, but also in the world has been widely recognized and resonance. These ideas, not only to meet the new requirements of economic and social development, but also effectively fit the entrepreneurial function and spirit. Innovation is the soul of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur is the leader of the concept of practice and innovation. A new wave of entrepreneurial boom, has been formed in China, and the formation of a global spillover effect. We are pleased to see that the internationalization of Chinese entrepreneurs and the globalization of the layout of the ability to continue to expand and enhance the contribution to the growth of countries and global economic growth. Of course, this process, also put forward new requirements for entrepreneurs, need to face new challenges and challenges. The successful construction and opening of the Asian investment bank, also reflects the practice of the development of these five ideas. From the beginning, the guiding ideology is very clear, the existing multilateral development institutions good experience and practice, to learn from, but not to clone them, but innovation and development. As the first Asian developing countries led by the new multilateral development institutions, governance mechanism innovation, ensure that the board of directors of all functions and play under the premise, established very in the system of the board of directors, in order to improve efficiency, save cost; in improving the efficiency of decision-making at the same time, establish a very clear accountability mechanism and project procurement; staff recruitment, open to the world; according to the actual situation of the international standard and developing countries, establish a set of environmental and social policies, fully embodies the idea of green development; mainly in the infrastructure to support the object, to promote interoperability, precisely in order to promote regional linkage shared development. Since the opening of the Asian investment bank, with streamlined, clean and green development principle, stability!相关的主题文章: