Jiangsu, a man with his wife quarrel, snatch police revolver to kill. bleep

Jiangsu, a man with his wife quarrel, snatch police revolver to "kill" ex original title: he snatched a police gun to "kill" his ex-wife was sentenced to 5 years in the Yangtze Evening News (reporter Zhang Lingfei correspondent Liang Jingjing Zhang Yu) Lianyungang a divorced couple because of children’s education had argued, while police do not have her ex husband seize a gun, to "kill"…… Escape the ex-wife he picked up the wooden stool, but hit the husband’s current wife, resulting in the waist fractures. Recently, this pair of friends, a Haizhou district court sentenced to intentional homicide, and the other was arrested on suspicion of intentional injury was indicted in Lianyungang. Four years ago, Chen and his wife Nan in a divorce, the court will be awarded to the son of Chen, a daughter to the south. But the two sides again because of their children’s education problems. During the Spring Festival this year, the two outbreak of conflict, it is not expected that this time, almost led to a fatal disaster. At that time, south of a son back to his home a few days later, his son bought a new clothes. Son glasses broken, want to change the pair of glasses, a financial constraints in the south, then let his son go home to find his father Chen solve. After her son had not contacted her, the South can not rest assured that his son safe, he took his daughter to the Chen family. The Chen family, Chen found the current wife Qimou at the rebuke of his son, Qimou and south of a dispute, the two sides quarrel fiercely to strike violently. Chen had a par ex-wife’s loss, rushed to play then south, shouted to exterminate her children was stopped. South of this situation, they went downstairs to the police, the police quickly came to the scene. The two sides or when the germination of Chen he’s really not letting this go, a terrible idea, he wanted to kill his ex-wife. Chen pretended not to hear the family to outsiders to close the door, close the door, but the police are deliberately close to the mediation. Police are focused on mediation, also did not care. Unexpectedly, Chen a pull out guns from the police at the waist, his ex-wife south of a chest shot, at the moment there is no fortunately gun bullets, just make a shot from the south. Police responded quickly, immediately took control of Chen, took his hands of firearms, and verbally summoned to prepare the form back to the public security organs. A South to see Chen had to put it to death, a time of anger took the bench to become dizzy with success, police control of Chen hit. But Chen did not hit, but hit Chen’s current wife Qi waist, resulting in a waist fracture. Chen and the South were taken away by the police. After the case was transferred to the Haizhou District Prosecutor’s office, on July 6, 2016, Haizhou District People’s Procuratorate to intentional homicide (attempted) prosecution of the defendant chen. September 28, 2016, Chen was arrested on suspicion of murder was sentenced to five years in Haizhou District court. As of press time reporter, Chen was informed of the appeal, a case of intentional injury to the south is still in court.相关的主题文章: