Jia Xiuquan strive for a better place to learn beautiful offensive R & F (video) windjview

Jia Xiuquan: to strive for a better place to learn [] looking pretty offensive bodied Hulk PK constant mass star bodied to sweep haze Jianye defeat win the September 24th Guangzhou sports Tencent (Wen Zeng Xiao) Henan Jianye in the middle reaches, the outsider this detachment has wuyuwuqiu. But the last round of the super fight Shandong Luneng, Henan Jianye attitude very seriously. Jia Xiuquan said: "the next game will go all out, no matter from the player’s exercise, from our Jianye goal, all the games we will never give up, strive to play the best level, play the best position." Jianye coach Jia Xiuquan (data plan) if run to get the best position, R & F is a direct competitor, talking about tomorrow’s opponents, Jia guide said: "this year Guangzhou bodied to find everything fresh and new feeling, beautiful attack is one of the better team in the Super League, played with passion and routines. We should learn from R & F passing, if we can learn, is a supplement to the jianye." This game will kick off in the afternoon, after the autumnal equinox Guangzhou is slightly cooler, but on a sunny day the sun still occasionally erupt, the weather forecast shows tomorrow Guangzhou temperatures will reach 34 degrees. Players Patti Neo bluntly weather is a bit uncomfortable, the weather is a little hot, for us is a test, but this week is also very hot in Zhengzhou. We have adjusted the time this week, and we are ready to do it. We will do it for 90 minutes."相关的主题文章: