Jack Roasted Chicken trace on the table to prevent market no possible escape. – Beijing restorator

Jack "Roasted Chicken" trace on the table to prevent market no possible escape. – Tianjin Beijing North news: yesterday morning, attack Hedong District market and quality supervision and Management Bureau, public security, law enforcement departments, destroyed a black dens, nearly a thousand pounds of Roasted Chicken stopped". The scene found a suspected industrial salt, caustic soda and other non food additives. Roasted Chicken industrial salt and caustic soda as additive yesterday morning around 4:00, the reporter to follow the Hedong District market and quality supervision and Management Bureau, public security, law enforcement departments of law enforcement personnel to an abandoned factory fire road in the vicinity of the raid. Although it is late at night, but the factory deep inside the house lights. When law enforcement officers arrived, a van parked in front of the house just to unload. Law enforcement officers followed the man into the house to see, piled on the floor Roasted Chicken multiple white plastic bags packed, several workers are busy loading and unloading operation. Law enforcement officers immediately stopped and asked the operator to provide relevant licenses, operators can not provide. The operating room dirty, disorderly and poor, everywhere can step on the grease, semi-finished feet placed in the dark iron basket, without any packaging for students pig’s trotters in the chest. The house there is a cold storage, a Roasted Chicken and ribs on the shelves of goods storage. The reporter saw a bag of Pochai marked "sodium nitrite", the net content of 1kg white plastic bags in the kitchen. At the same time, in the operating room piled in the corner of 14 bags full of bags, without any mark, one open bag containing a white crystal. After law enforcement officers confirmed that the bag is filled with salt, nearly 1/3 of the salt in the bag has been used. At the door of the storage room also found a marked "Flake sodium hydroxide," the words of the bag, which contains only 1/5 of the white crystal less than the majority of the use of. According to law enforcement officers, Flake sodium hydroxide is commonly known as caustic soda, no words on the bag, the preliminary judgment belongs to industrial caustic soda. "Roasted Chicken" sold to the city district reporter inquiry found that the Flake sodium hydroxide has strong stimulation and corrosion. The dust to stimulate the eyes and respiratory tract, corrosion of nasal septum; skin and eye contact may cause burns; ingestion may cause digestive tract burns, mucosal erosion, bleeding and shock. No additives were found in the inspection process at the site. Thus, in the production of Roasted Chicken, workers experience additive. There is no sign of salt and industrial caustic soda from where? How much is added in the process of production Roasted Chicken? "Roasted Chicken" where they are sold? In this regard, the reporter asked the presence of 4 operatives. 4 per capita said he was just working, the other situation is not clear. When asked about the "head of the black dens, 4 per capita said they have just arrived a few days, temporary help others work, refused to disclose the relevant information of the person in charge of. In the operating room is littered with a lot of printed advertisement bags, selling the Roasted Chicken store address in Yangming Hedong District Wandong small road No. 1. It is understood that this "black dens" production of Roasted Chicken sold to the City Hedong District, Heping District, Hebei District and many other outlets. 4 operators)相关的主题文章: