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IPhone  7 exposure eight new function of   harassment interception into a bright spot (Figure) –IT– people.com.cn original title: iPhone7 exposure eight new function harassment interception into a bright spot on August 30th morning, apple officially issued invitations to the media, announced in September 7th 10 in the morning (Beijing time on September 8th at 1 a.m.) new fall conference held in San Francisco " See you on the 7th." the theme of a phrase with a double meaning. In addition the conference is expected to launch a new generation of iPhone7 series, Apple Watch 2 and MacBook Pro and other new products, the new iOS10 system will be officially launched, including the important function of harassment interception, Siri, SMS and other innovation and upgrade. According to Bloomberg news, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is still 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, the screen resolution remains unchanged, which will provide a dual camera, and a new color appears. Design, photography, security and other aspects of promotion, may capture more fruit powder. (photo: Apple officially issued a new fall conference invitation) with a new optical technology, better pictures from a group of exposure photos, iPhone7 main camera cable shape compared to the previous generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S change, aperture and lens increases significantly, which means that iPhone 7 may be equipped with larger sensors and increase the lens aperture, but it is still very obvious convex lens. According to rumors, iPhone 7 will be equipped with Plus using six pieces of plastic lenses designed 12 million pixel dual cameras, one for a telephoto effect, with wide view angle, finally through the unique algorithm to synthesize high quality photos; 12 million pixel sensor and iPhone 7 will still use SONY custom, the front 5 million pixel main camera. The amount of light will obviously increase, increased by more than 50%, effectively enhance the imaging effect of the night. Lightning interface 3.5mm headset port had been officially replaced there is news that Apple will cancel the 3.5mm iPhone 7 audio jacks, this point from the audio headset manufacturers have launched with lightning interface and lightning interface, Apple’s official online headset, the rumors were confirmed again. This means maintaining nearly 50 years 3.5mm will officially bid farewell to the iPhone headset jack, multimedia seats is replaced by the lightning interface. In fact, the whim of lightning interface to replace 3.5mm not apple. Last year, apple open lightning interface, can support more features, including multimedia technology. Now, if the Apple Corp really cancel the 3.5mm socket, is expected. (Figure iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 rendering)相关的主题文章: