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The Internet world "Wuzhen time" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hangzhou in November 15, the Internet World Title: "Wuzhen time" Xinhua News Agency reporter Duan Jingjing, Wei Yijun, Xiong Maoling as a Wuzhen native, for each bridge, each Wuzhen River, boat fee Jianping had learned by heart. However, the two day he still rowed a boat rowed over familiar channel. The focus of the world is about to focus on Wuzhen, the world must be prepared to make the Internet Conference more fully prepared." And Fei Jianping rowed together into "Wuzhen time" is the Internet elite from around the world. November 16th to 18, the third session of the world Internet Conference will be opened in Wuzhen, then, will have come from more than and 110 countries and regions more than 1600 domestic and foreign guests to participate in the forum, sharing the latest and most cutting-edge industry concept. A China Eastern born pillow water town in the south, but also because of the world Internet congress permanently settled in the Internet, the wisdom of "seed" in just two years, firmly rooted in vigorous growth, and become the epitome of "Internet +" China sample. Midnight is a Wuzhen Road East, West Gate Scenic main road. In the past, the road was so cluttered that even a decent sidewalk was not. Now in the middle of the night road extension, Baidu, NOKIA and other giants are flat and wide roads driverless cars and car networking at the end of the road test. 17, 2009, these high-tech will be jointly unveiled at the World Congress of the third world. A dilapidated stone road, or will become the first Chinese intelligent driving demonstration road. Fenqiangdaiwa, a vibrant hit off the circle gradually formed. At present, the core area of Wuzhen has been the introduction of the Internet in Wuzhen hospital, Tencent public record space, "Feng Qi teahouse" Wuzhen multi-creation space, big data Internet Industrial Park project 41, the introduction of Tongxiang foreign capital 1 billion yuan, foreign investment reached $20 million. Strong Internet atmosphere in addition to attracting a large number of entrepreneurs and outstanding corporate projects settled, the Internet + change also let Wuzhen residents feel the immediate change. In Wuzhen, home-based care services care center, residents of Feng Peixiang is not only skilled use "treasure" "life" sensor "SOS call falls and alarm positioning and other intelligent care facilities, but also learn from micro-blog, WeChat and social reading. "Life is no longer a day and a day." Feng Peixiang said. With the approaching footsteps of the general assembly, Wuzhen software debugging has been completed. 3 hotels throughout Wuzhen West Gate Scenic Spot, Wuzhen Internet International Exhibition Center, Wu Village and Wuzhen town of gold waterfront, yogurt, etc. Wi Fi fan PU were included in the unified platform, to achieve a certification. Reporters in Wuzhen West Gate area measured found that Wi – Fi download rate of up to 20M / s. In addition, the general assembly also developed for the guests of the Wuzhen summit App, providing guests itinerary, the general assembly schedule, venue guide and other functions. Through the bridge, located in the west gate of the scenic area of the Wuzhen International Exhibition Center on the north side stands quietly. This year, the Internet World Conference will be held in the permanent site of the new congress. .相关的主题文章: