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Insiders comment: basketball shoes event have the right to sell the right shoes sina sports in the first round of CBA Chinese because Zhou Qi did not wear a League official sponsors shoes, was banned from playing, after replacing the shoes well before the debut. After weeks of Qi and Wang Zhelin have made micro-blog, that basketball and Lining should not limit themselves to what to wear shoes, and this thing has once again become a new hot spot in new season. This is an argument that will happen every season for CBA local players. Lining has used 5 years 2 billion of the price has become a sponsor of the CBA, the association of CBA rights (including the local players what to wear shoes right) also package to Lining, this let other sponsors are dissatisfied, because they are signing players not to wear their shoes in CBA, its own brand will be exposed. This controversy staged almost every year at a time, and act according to the contract of Lining, almost every year many people have become the object of condemnation. For this matter, the views of the industry are as follows: before the "Basketball News" reporter, currently serves as the sports broker Lin Kunyi’s view is: every time will get hurt out for something, stupid innocent enough, like wearing Nike not hurt. Players fight for personal gain, I raise my hands, but you just say it. Lining is also under the contract, the national team requires everyone to wear Nike, CBA requires all people to wear Lining, these two things there is no essential difference. To explore the sense of basketball, whether there is a right to wear shoes right as sponsorship rights to sell, what is the basis? Senior basketball commentator Zhu Yanshuo micro-blog said: of course I do not think that sports brand sponsorship should take into account the CBA shoes, but injustice has a head with the main debt, why not to choke choke infront or basketball? If you do not include the sole sponsorship of shoes, can sell so high sponsorship fee? If pride is based on unreasonable rules, it is false. This season is the last season Lining sponsored CBA next year, CBA equipment sponsor contract who gets what signed the terms of the contract, whether the association again will be packaged players wearing shoes sold to the rights and interests of sponsors, these will become the new hot spot of concern. (Daye)相关的主题文章: