Innovation continues to end tour IP triggered in the hand travel market

Thinking innovation continued caused in the end of the tour IP Mobile Games market 7.6 CGWR score | perfect world novice card booking lead: 2016 for the game industry, is a very special year, known as the turning point of the game market is not too. This year is particularly striking non end tour IP is open, Mobile Games list, the end of the tour adaptation Mobile Games occupied the most popular list. The end of the tour IP a successful thanks to the Mobile Games market matures and the content of the game game player needs upgrading, on the other hand with the traditional manufacturers accumulated over the years are inseparable. With 2016 into the Q4, end tour IP itself is also ushered in a new round of reform, the future of the end of the tour IP how to do a good job, is the whole game industry are thinking about the problem. Not long ago, the TGS in a perfect world, with "perfect world" Mobile Games DEMO version debut, may give us some interesting directions. Mature market Mobile Games game player on product innovation and put forward higher requirements according to CNNIC released "the thirty-seventh Chinese Internet development statistics report", as of December 2015, Internet users in the network game users reached 391 million, representing an increase of 25 million 620 thousand by the end of 2014, the total net of 56.9% people, the mobile phone network game users to 279 million, growth. 31 million 50 thousand compared to the end of 2014, mobile phone users accounted for 45.1%. The development of Internet in China statistical report of the domestic mobile phone game since 2013 after a period of rapid growth after the user scale, from 2015 onwards gradually mature, the specific performance is that users pay for the ability to significantly improve, subdivision of game types recognized by the market, in order to improve the level of hardware and software technology to bring the user experience to further enhance the game. It is worth noting that the previous game on the market homogenization of serious changes in the type of game. This change affects the game before the game channel single evaluation and the curing way for game developers to provide more innovative space while reducing the mobile phone game distribution channels in the industrial chain of the right to speak from a certain extent. The result is a highly recognized by the end of the tour IP quickly get Mobile Games game player, on the other hand, also to the end of the tour IP Mobile Games adapted content quality put forward higher requirements, and the former can get IP for the current popularity of different end tour IP development needs more in the play, the content of the above innovation in order to gain market acceptance. In the just concluded TGS show, "perfect world international" hand travel version, although not yet open, but the DEMO version of the powerful artistic effects, has attracted close attention of the media and players. 360 degree freedom flight effect while the live show, with the operation of the free turning, pulled up, causing the game player to exclaim. A DEMO version of Mobile Games, even at the scene to attract game player demo to kneel down into no go, even repeatedly returned to the stage to feel content demo demo. This is clearly not just the charm of the end of the tour IP brings, the perfect world of mountain studio on the play a lot of innovation is still in secrecy, and all this is clearly the end tour IP.相关的主题文章: