Independent players woosung or will be promoted to general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group car wetnwild

Independent players woosung or will be promoted to general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group car – Sohu the Columbia Road (micro signal: dadaozatan) July, the Guangzhou Automobile Group Co held cadres meeting, municipal organization department, Guangzhou SASAC and other superior department leaders attended and announced the appointment and removal of the main leadership group: Comrade Ceng Qinghong of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co chairman, party secretary, Zhang Fang some comrades due to reach the statutory retirement age, no longer served as Guangzhou Automobile Group Co chairman and party secretary of the office of Guangzhou municipal Party committee with Comrade Ceng Qinghong from the Guangzhou Automobile Group Co general manager. The general manager appointment will according to procedures, general manager candidates have not announced on the day of the meeting of cadres, in accordance with the practice of the new Guangzhou Automobile Group, general manager of the leader of the Guangzhou automobile group existing deputy, a new general manager candidates, GAIG internal spread has multiple versions, including the current group deputy general manager Wu Song the highest voice, not a big surprise, Wu Song will be the best choice for the Guangzhou Automobile Group General manager. Guangzhou Automobile Group in years proposed to engage in self, no one is willing to take this hot potato, Wu Song was in the Guangzhou TOYOTA engine factory as general manager of China, Guangzhou senior Zhirenshanren, will Wu matto GAMC project leader. Although Wu Song in the automotive industry for many years, but there is no vehicle experience, but did not engage in independent brand experience. From the date of start formally responsible for its own brand of project preparation, Wu Song led a new team, solidarity, hard work, pioneering and innovative, breakthrough in the project application, product technology, plant construction, process simultaneous engineering, supply chain system, build brand, sales network construction and a series of problems, explore the state-owned enterprises the platform, private enterprises, joint venture efficiency process "model of state-owned enterprise management mode. GAC trumpchi was founded less than ten years, after several stages of development introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation ", through system innovation, technological innovation, cultural innovation, forge the core competitiveness, to build a global R & D network, mode of production, the establishment of a global supply chain system, fully aggregation of global resources to ensure that the development of products to meet market demand, with the world advanced level. At the same time, to create the highest sales efficiency, the fastest pace of transmission, the largest customer satisfaction and the lowest channel cost of GAC marketing. In the past few years, the slowdown in the Chinese car city, GAC trumpchi created a local brand growth miracle, from 17 thousand years to a million years, the compound growth rate of 80%, this year 1-8 month accumulative total sales reached 226 thousand vehicles, an increase of 148%, a record China local brand the highest growth rate, expected sales this year will break million. Economically, trumpchi brand was launched less than three years to achieve profitability; trumpchi dealers over 85% dealers to achieve profitability, many dealers are queuing for special trumpchi 4S shop; trumpchi year of the group’s profit contribution rate was third, the first quarter of this year, trumpchi profit has exceeded last year’s level Guangzhou Automobile Group, become the profit contribution rate of enterprise, the estimated annual profit of more than billion net相关的主题文章: