In anti vice Tibet the most beautiful autumn in Linzhi tourism Sohu t6570

In the "anti" the most beautiful autumn in Linzhi – Tibet tourism Sohu love Tibet for many years, and from Tibet for many times. I think the most beautiful autumn in Tibet, Tibet, the most beautiful autumn in Linzhi. So every year the end of October to November, I will go to Linzhi, to take the most beautiful autumn, bassoon, Rouland are what I love, but to take pictures, always think in Milin and nanyigou scenic Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon photographed the most enjoyable autumn. The autumn of Linzhi, four seasons in one day in the picture compared to other places in Tibet, Linzhi, the relative elevation is very large, the minimum altitude of 115 meters from the county, to the highest elevation of 7000 meters of snow capped mountains nanjiabawa. Thus can be seen in Linzhi is very beautiful forests, mountains, snow capped mountains and other colors, it is a day in the middle reaches of the painting". Autumn in Linzhi is a lot of people in the eyes of the "most beautiful", every 10 months late, Tibet Linzhi began to enter the deep autumn gold 50 days, various levels of yellow, red and purple will slowly climb a hill full of Linzhi, along with the arrival of the cold, cenglinjinran, the earth covered with a layer of warm golden yellow. Until the end of 11 months, this golden feast will slowly end. Nanyigou Songluo hanging branches, colorful forest everywhere; namjagbrawa towering majestic and magnificent brilliant; to lulanglinhai red corridor, the leaves have been spit yellow, Montreal golden leaves will bring out the colors of autumn…… This is how a magnificent season, harmonious world. As an old game player, let me take you into the Tibet Linzhi city Milin County vice "(" photography of people understand, "pornography" is Pat Jin Qiula). Two "anti" best place, is nanyigou and Brahmaputra canyon. Nanyigou, visual & purification of the soul when leaves are yellow, red, nanyigou autumn day concentrated. The blue and green streams with white waves rolling, gaan red maple, yellow poplar, blue sky and green Usnea formed a vivid painting, the intoxicating autumn scenery no less than Jiuzhaigou. Nanyigou tourism area is one of the Himalaya Mountains countless beautiful valley, with its ancient history and legend, unique style, Lhoba lush forests, beautiful Nanyi Qushui, full of charm. Beautiful in Nanyi beautiful scenery, there are intact natural forests and vegetation protection, both tall and broad leaved mixed forest, rich grass meadow. A primeval forest, a ditch along the clear river and Nan Yi village, scattered in the grass, Grazing Yak, horse, make it full of vitality. In the rich vegetation, lush forests, well preserved, tour landscape many is the essence of the Lhoba folk. Roaming on this, really give people the visual enjoyment and spiritual cleansing. Especially in the autumn, nanyigou color colorful strong. On both sides of the valley, towering trees, mountain slope trend, showing a different color; white, gray or pale yellow Usnea, from the tall tree branches hanging down, like the fairy tale of the veil; Long Nan Yi River in the valley flow all the way, as if telling a section of the ancient calendar!相关的主题文章: