In addition to Halloween masquerade, but also to the Beijing aquarium playing pumpkin bowling – tour pgd-426

In addition to Halloween masquerade, but also to the Beijing aquarium playing pumpkin bowling – Sohu tour in October 31st coincides with Halloween, whether you are ready and prepared to do with outlandish costume costume, Halloween queen. Beijing Metrosexual fashionista who are already ready to start, the destination is the trend of gathering places – Beijing ocean museum. Beijing aquarium for a change, to give you a full range of Europe and the United States called "Carnival in · the ghost was adorable" marine halloween. In October 29th -10 on the evening of 31 August 17 Carnival gate limit open, before the 200 tourists can get the Beijing aquarium elaborate Halloween mask. Wearing a mask to have a mysterious atmosphere of Halloween, then it will not accidentally fall into the trap? Or hit the Beijing aquarium staff posing as "Adorable ghost" also might oh. There are numerous underlings in their Halloween equipment in Europe and the United States, really scare you. When it comes to Halloween in addition to "Trick or treat" do not give sugar on the trouble, how can a little "pumpkin Jun"? Halloween is the symbol of Jack-O-Lantern, which is derived from the ancient irish. The story is about a man named Jack, a drunk and a practical joke. One day Jack deceived the devil tree, then the tree stump carved a cross, he did not dare to intimidate the devil down, then Jack pledge with the devil, the devil promised to cast Jack conditions for the crime will never let him under the tree. After the death of Jack, his soul is neither heaven nor Hell, so he had to rely on the souls of a small candle, led him to lie in between heaven and earth. It is said that the Irish people to the United States soon discovered that pumpkin is carved from both sources and better than, then became a Halloween Pumpkin pet. Beijing aquarium in order to pumpkin elements into the party theme, and consider some intimate family with children, so the science angle and children paradise specially arranged a small classroom Halloween origami, teach children to fold Jack-O-Lantern Halloween elements etc.. While people can be in the corner of the "science" pumpkin Bowling Competition shot. Each visitor has a three chance, a total of 10 rounds, each round of three tourists, the first round of each promotion. In the final 10 contestants for the final score, the first three winners of the highest, such as overtime is tied ranking. The first prize can get 2 tickets for the Beijing aquarium, you can get a prize of two Beijing ocean themed bell 1 dolphins, third-prize won the Beijing aquarium theme photo 1. The game is divided into day and night. The competition is divided into two day respectively, morning 10:00 and 14:00 PM; night game time, 18:00. The activities for the first round, after the end of the first round players qualify for the finals immediately, without stopping. Don’t miss this great opportunity to enjoy bowling or to win tickets to the Beijing aquarium. Beijing aquarium Halloween party opening soon, love halloween themed events, or love outlandish costume, Beijing aquarium animal show friends (quietly tell you, the Beijing marine museum but enlarged move, all animal performance but hidden surprise!) , do not miss the Beijing sea!相关的主题文章: