In a year to do this every year Chinese exercises in mainland China as the imaginary enemy in

In a year to do this every year Chinese exercises in mainland China as the imaginary enemy – Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network August 26th 22 opened on the Taiwan Military "Hankuang 32 exercises" yesterday (25 days) came to the climax". The 5 day, known as the "sudden attack" simulation "on Taiwan’s offensive and defensive drills, the largest live subjects" Lian Yong performance ", the 25 day debut in Pingtung military training base in the morning. Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen wearing helmets, dressed in camouflage vests and be absorbed in read the whole field exercises. This is also Cai Yingwen took office, the first time to participate in military exercises. She said at the scene, the Taiwan military standing on the attack line, please go ahead with her. Taiwan’s "defense" was named the "cabinet still provoke discontent" Cai Yingwen Cai Yingwen on the day of the clearance exercise results seem quite satisfied, said to give the troops highly positive. Taiwan media interpretation, which means that in the two months before the male three missile "shot", was criticized by the defense minister of Taiwan from all walks of life "Feng Shikuan, following the previous Cai drink at 60 days for" life soup ", and finally passed the" observation period ", finally passed. You know, the KMT Legislative Yuan 25 day announced "provoke discontent members" survey rankings, he also topped the list of Feng Shikuan. Taiwan users of its most dissatisfied with the issue of the three missile miss shot, accounting for the most dissatisfied with the policy of 53.20%. Other disgruntled soldiers also includes dog abuse, Minister apology "," Taiping island protection board pledge right, but his commitment to destroy "," wild shells carrying Taiping Island, the leak and slip of the tongue "," event launched, "Ministry of national defense" playing minister slap "etc.. Now from the "commander in chief" Cai Yingwen, once again has been so "continued life miracle", it is not easy for Feng Shikuan. However, Feng Shikuan has not been happy how long, then Cai Yingwen, she believes that the current stage of the Taiwan military needs a new military strategy. She instructed the Department of defense, to complete the first draft in January next year. Taiwan media pointed out that, the new military strategy, land, sea and air forces will be related to Taiwan quota problem can not be solved for many years. Taiwan’s armed forces for many years to maintain the number of troops battled over the corresponding. Feng Shikuan and Taiwan army chief of staff Yan Defa, actually received a hot potato. Every year a year this year do Chinese exercises "relay roll to life after exercise, but also to Feng Shikuan who arranged the" homework ", Cai Yingwen is not in a hurry to leave, but came to Taiwan 564 army brigade officers condolences. This year in the "Han Kuang exercise" carefully simulated in the so-called "mainland military abnormal scheduling can attack" on Taiwan, Taiwan to resist fire, especially senior military issued a "concentric mobilization summoned". Who can, a group of "imagination and in high and vigorous spirits", "enemy" showdown Taiwan army officers and soldiers, before and "enemy" on the battlefield on the first formal meeting occurred in their chariot accident. In August 16th, a Taiwan army brigade 564 CM11 tanks in "Han No. 32" preview, allegedly because? Vehicle fault can not control the track, overturned into mesh Creek, killing 4 people. Play)相关的主题文章: