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How will the elimination of agricultural accounts affect your life? Sohu financial source: Beijing know (ID:xjb-jingshier) reporter: Wang Shuo according to Beijing issued the latest "to further promote the reform of household registration system implementation opinions", Beijing will cancel the agriculture accounts and non-agricultural Hukou distinction, unified registered as resident accounts! According to incomplete statistics, there are 30 provinces, including Beijing, including the introduction of the household registration system reform program, the abolition of agricultural accounts are generally proposed. Beijing will cancel the agricultural accounts, of households with the people out in accordance with the "Beijing Municipal People’s Government on further reform of the household registration system implementation opinions", to 2020, Beijing city’s resident population control in less than 23 million people, six districts of the city resident population decline in 2014 on the basis of about 15 percentage points. Improve the account migration policy establish account migration policy co-ordination mechanism in accordance with the total control, structural adjustment, moderate and strict principle, promote the establishment of coordinating mechanisms of various channels and settled policy, improve the classification standards and settled policy, strictly regulate the examination and approval management account. The study of "household with people" account migration policy. The implementation of the system integrator settled the good implementation of the integral settled policy, establish policy consultation and joint audit mechanism, standard operating procedures, in accordance with the total control, open and transparent, orderly conduct, the principles of fairness and justice, in order to promote the long-term resident population in Beijing stable employment and living in work. Perfect the personnel settled policy "need to adapt to the construction of sophisticated economic structure, the implementation of the introduction of a more open policy talent, improve the high level talent, shortage of qualified personnel needed in the system, attract domestic and overseas high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship in beijing. Innovative population management services to establish a unified urban and rural household registration system to cancel the nature of agricultural accounts and non-agricultural Hukou distinction, unified registration for residents account, reflecting the household registration system of population registration management functions. The establishment of a unified urban and rural household registration system to adapt to education, health planning, employment, social security, housing, land and population statistics system. The implementation of the residence permit system in accordance with the terms of the residence of foreign Laijingrenyuan, can go to the police station or residence by the public security organs of the community Laijingrenyuan registration service agencies to apply for "Beijing residence permit". Improve the classification of population information management system to improve employment, education, income, social security, housing, credit, tax, health, marriage, ethnic and other information systems, the progressive realization of inter departmental information sharing and integration. Expert interpretation 1, agricultural accounts and non-agricultural accounts which have their own interests? Population experts, Peking University sociology professor Lu Jiehua said, agriculture accounts for rights, is the main homestead and responsibility cropland, especially in the process of the city, through the demolition, you can get more revenue; non agricultural accounts mainly depend on some interests in the household’s social welfare, including education, health, employment, the insurance and housing. Some benefits are obviously different, Lu Jiehua said, such as pensions, non-agricultural accounts than agricultural accounts. In addition, there are a number of invisible benefits, such as education, seemingly equal, but non-agricultural accounts, you can enjoy"相关的主题文章: