Hong Kong media China men in Korea random murder or elope because his wife derailed peepsamurai

Hong Kong media: China man was arrested in Korea random murder or elope because his wife derailed the murderer. (source: Hongkong "Oriental Daily" website) reference news network September 19th Hong Kong media reported that South Korea Jeju Island a Chinese nationality male tourists in September 17th, broke into the local Catholic Church stabbed a sixty old woman, the woman is not treated until September 18th. Hongkong "Oriental Daily" website reported on September 19th, the suspect surnamed Chen said that his two wife was derailed with her lover to elope, so hostile to women kill each other. Currently, the man has been arrested by local police. Police said the 50 year old Chinese suspect surnamed Chen, arrived in South Korea in September 14th, the original plan to leave next week. The morning of September 16th, surnamed Chen suddenly into a local Catholic Church, by stabbing the woman chest and abdomen are praying to escape after. The old woman was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment, but eventually declared dead in September 18th. The police hours after the incident, about forty km away from the scene where the man surnamed Chen captured. Chen was arrested after that, because of dissatisfaction with the two wife has been unfaithful to husband, prejudice against women, then anger at the female victims. At present, the South Korean police are investigating the man surnamed Chen the motive, do not rule out the man surnamed Chen by attempted murder to murder charges. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: