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Hong Kong media hot visited Macao: to promote the development of Hong Kong and Macao, Hong Kong and Macao Incentive — people.com.cn original title: Hong Kong media hot visited Macao: to promote the development of Hong Kong and Macao incentive in October 10th to 12, Premier Li Keqiang in the Macao Special Administrative Region to inspect and attend the Chinese – Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade cooperation forum activities, sparked enthusiastic response from all walks of life. A number of major media in Hong Kong and Macao have special edition, interpretation, comments and other forms of key reports, many of the activities of the prime minister visited Macao for a full range of tracking. "Macao daily" during the prime minister’s visit to Macao, focusing on the front page and a number of important layout of the prime minister’s itinerary. The newspaper commented that the prime minister announced for the Portuguese speaking countries and the platform of the spree in Macao, in addition to the economic and technical assistance to Asian and African Portuguese speaking countries economic and social development, but also gives the history of Macao’s most down to earth to enhance the functions of policy measures. There is reason to believe that the end of this session of the forum after the ministerial meeting, leaving the Macao platform for the construction of the social participation of Portugal, more than ever, more specific and realistic. Cooperation and development fund set up last year, supporting the essence of the Portuguese platform, this session is further specific to the economic, cultural and social activities. Macao’s "Xinhua Australia News," said the prime minister’s populist style to the people of Macao left a deep impression. The newspaper said the prime minister in the forty-eight hours of nonstop Macao, attended the twenty-two events. The prime minister visited many places in Macao, fell into the street into the household, mingle with the majority of residents and visitors, showing his populist style, warmly welcomed and appreciated, makes people’s hearts with the motherland, and the central government closer. Macao "Madison" commented that, due to historical and linguistic reasons, Macao and the Portuguese speaking countries have a special relationship. The economic and Trade Cooperation Forum China and the Portuguese speaking countries entered the thirteen anniversary of the China through Macao and the Portuguese speaking countries for business, let Macao actually become an important diplomatic strategic hub. The forum to build a business platform for Chinese and Portuguese and Portuguese speaking countries, Macao as the role of a bridge and platform in the open channels of business activities, promote mutual economic and trade exchanges. Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" is referred to the prime minister visited Macao on Hongkong’s inspiration. The newspaper commented that Hongkong and Macao is a pair of twin brothers, the same history, humanities and development of the status quo, making the Hong Kong and Macao become interdependent and competing two economic entities. Prime minister visited Macao, naturally caused great concern in Hongkong society. The central government concern and support for Macao, Macao on the successful practice of "one country two systems" certainly, in Macao in the process of national development to promote the economic and social development of various undertakings, also inspires every resident in Hongkong, the work of the Hongkong society and the government is promoting and promote and encouragement. Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily with Hong Kong and Macao in recent years the economic transformation made a comment. The newspaper analysis said this year in Macao is also facing the turning point of economic development, in order to get rid of the situation in Macao, in addition to accelerate economic diversification, can also be through with the "The Belt and Road")相关的主题文章: