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Like her boyfriend not weaned Tu Lei: sticky mother may not filial Kou Naixin ODA Yang Sina entertainment news on September 7th (Wednesday), September 9th (Friday) 22:00, Tianjin TV "love battle" emotional mentor Tu Lei, host Kou Naixin [micro-blog] and other guests on the show, as confused lovers in the weapon. When the first love, parents become emotional conflict point of contention, and how to mediate it? Boyfriend and first love Kou Naixin tangled: it is not easy to love should not continue to love between ODA and Mei contradictions, mainly concentrated in the side ODA has always been sister around, no blood stem sister confess a lot. "When they explain the ODA around me, I have not talked about love, not refuse. A normal friend relationship." The United States accused her boyfriend with dry sister chat frequently catch up with their own, the most outrageous is love and tangled, now unemployed also obsessed with playing games. Host Zhao Chuan has been puzzled, Kenny has a lot of dissatisfaction with her boyfriend, why together. How will their emotions continue? Kou Naixin said: because it is not suitable so it is not easy, you do not split the merger is due to external forces, not because they are not satisfied with each other. Sometimes a good relationship is a love that shouldn’t go on. Boyfriend like "weaned" Tu Lei: the mother is not sticky and Yang bear filial love more than two years, found on Mother’s boyfriend extremely, call seven or eight times a day, go shopping, eat, hair cut to call my mother reported, "it felt like he was not broken as milk, with their own salary to buy a brand package by her boyfriend mother said money wasteful." Boyfriend Yang believes, familiar with their parents is very normal thing, he said to his mother’s words, the show dress is bought by my mother, that his girlfriend pet health away. Now, there is a small part of the lives of young people rely on their parents subsidies, the moderator seems to be in the emotional Yang can not be separated from the mother, in economic life can not be separated. The question is: "what would you do if your mom didn’t let her girlfriend into the house?" Yang affirmed most want to listen to the views of his mother. Tu Lei said: we must not have the illusion that there is no "weaning" the reason why the adult mother is bound to be a filial man, wrong! Filial piety is the essence of responsibility, actively carry the responsibility of family. It’s a very lazy behavior to get two women to think about what to eat and what to wear. To find such a man is a woman’s sorrow, you can not enjoy the care and sharing of mature men. In fact, the best agreement between you and his mother is to make him grow up and let him think independently.相关的主题文章: