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All stations of Hefei Metro Line 2 will start the renovation of 1 the last train line is tentatively scheduled for 23 in September 15th, according to the Hefei public resources trading center, Hefei Metro Line 2 in the public area of the station and depot and parking lot will start the renovation, construction project has started bidding. At present, the No. 2 line has officially entered the line laying stage, in May next year is expected to achieve full track through the end of June, the opening of trial operation. The decoration project data for this tender 1 of the Hefei subway line 2 train station, including station hall, platform, part of the station property development zone; wind Pavilion, and the entrance channel, fire evacuation port, interval shaft, elevator and zihangchepeng disabled and other related ancillary facilities; orientation identification system; Shushan depot and Longgang parking lot and other decoration engineering. This project consists of 6 sections. The 1 section: Shushan depot, Changning Avenue station, ENCRINITE station road construction decoration project. The 2 section: innovation Avenue station, Zhenxing Road station, Shu Feng Road station, Magnolia Avenue station, Tianzhu Road station construction decoration project. Section 3: Science Avenue station, Huaining Road station, Qianshan Road Station (line 2), Qingyang Road station, West Road station construction decoration project. The 4 section: Changfeng Road station, Jinzhai Road station, Suzhou Road station, DongMen Railway Station (line 2) Decoration Engineering construction. The 5 section: East Ring Road station, Tongling Road station, east two ring road station, county road station construction decoration project. The 6 section: Guangde Road station, Longgang Road station, Wang Gang Road station, Longgang Road station, the public parking lot construction decoration project. The tender project covers 2 lines across the board, as well as 24 vehicles and car parks. According to the Hefei city rail transportation company news, in August this year, the Hefei Metro Line 2 has officially entered the main track laying construction stage, is expected in May next year to achieve the full range of "rail pass". No. 2 "long rail line", for the subsequent "electric", the FBI tried to work to create conditions, is expected by the end of June 2017 was the official opening of trial operation. (Hefei Orbital Corporation) news line 1 will be the last subway station 14 passenger evacuation provisional 23 PM as the city’s comprehensive transportation hub of Hefei high speed rail station, subway traffic planning 1, 4, line 5, line 1 is expected in December this year of trial operation, the future here is one of the most concentrated sites across the board the passenger, now high iron station ready? 13 days, reporters from South Station comprehensive management office was informed that the seamless line 1 program is to negotiate, and have suggestions after the subway opened, the night last station stop time is tentatively scheduled for 11 pm or so. Zero transfer traffic system becomes more and more perfect operation since the end of 2014 to August this year, the Hefei high speed rail station and about 35 million 590 thousand passenger trips, the railway sent 19 million 870 thousand passengers, arriving passengers 15 million 720 thousand passengers, the highest single day passenger traffic reached 165 thousand passengers, a daily average of 90 thousand times. As of now, the daily operation of the South Station Train 254 times, operation time 6:07 23:19, average daily traffic of about 90 thousand people. North Square underground相关的主题文章: