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Healthy and tasty bean version of waffles, prevent constipation good helper – maternal mother nagging: Miao Sohu today was supposed to share a lovely playful little adorable with everyone, but a lot of people ask waffles approach, we Wei the dimension if we hurry, quickly finishing the practice today to learn this delicious nutritious soybean version of waffles; see mother brought mother Sambo Sambo delicacy who is a good friend of mine, is also a child nutritionist, we are like-minded, love a woman in the kitchen. She also every day for my family to the rich three meals a day, day in and day out. But the fuel life did not complain, but too often I would share reeky; some of her recipes, because I am a person thinking recipes are too limited, I also need to learn For example, yesterday’s pie, I learned to move; I will share my home with you as in the past the small table in front of me oh ~ this is the mother of small write Sambo days can understand "days will reeky, good marriage on the kitchen, a center of a meal is life, to see the small mom Sambo dining room"; speaking of bean dregs, as long as it is done Soybean Milk friends must not strange, studies have shown that there is a part of nutrition in soybean residue in bean dregs, so every time Soybean Milk filtered bean dregs are very self pity, I tried to put an egg and bean dregs stir fried bean dregs Vujacic taste children don’t seem to like. They didn’t think he had a bean with waffles, and from time to time out a "Mom, tomorrow we drink Soybean Milk breakfast, then we have to eat waffles." market sales of waffles, most of them containing trans fatty acids, edible flavor and other food in many additives, edible fats, the worst is the trans fatty acid, trans fatty acid metabolism in vivo into the baby very slowly, will increase the baby’s digestive burden will affect brain development. Today we share this bean version of waffles, not only solve the problem of bean dregs can make consumption, baby eat healthy waffles, quickly learn it for baby ~ ~ (very simple) preparation of raw materials (including water): soybean 150 grams, 70 grams of flour, egg 1, yeast 1 grams of sugar, 1 tablespoon of condensed milk, (because the filter dregs quantity and wet state will be different, here I can only give you a reference Oh ~) production process: 1, soybeans soaked in advance for one night, together with the Soybean Milk machine and the amount of water, wet bean Soybean Milk function play Soybean Milk. To filter out the dregs. When I was in the filter press with bean dregs is not spoon, squeezing, bean dregs contain some water, not too dry; 2, yeast with a little warm water to open, and all other materials mixed with bean dregs, knead. The dough basically somewhat softer appearance than Steamed Buns; 3, at room temperature or refrigerated fermentation to 2 times larger, because I was the second day of the breakfast, so this step is the fridge fermentation, the morning and then bake; the structure of fermented dough and dough inside; 4, whaf preheating, brush a little oil, put the right amount of dough, can also make their love of the other; 5!相关的主题文章: