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The new standard HDMI USB-C can be easily released video signal transmission The Verge Chinese station reported on September 3rd shall be responsible for formulating the rules of the HDMI Licensing HDMI cable hardware recently launched a new HDMI Alternative Mode standard, can make USB-C to HDMI line without any additional device converter can work, and allow the video signal from USB-C compatible devices direct output to the HDMI display interface. That is to say, with USB-C interface of intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, notebook computer, or any other types of devices are only one cable video content directly into the HDMI display television. The Alternative Mode standard allows non USB signals to be transmitted over the USB-C cable, and in addition to HDMI, other Alternative Mode standards also support DisplayPort, MHL and Thunderbolt interfaces. As long as the correct USB-C cable is used, these standards allow the video signal to be transmitted simultaneously with the conventional USB data. In addition to increasing the portability of use, the significance of this standard is reflected in another dimension. Although most people are very familiar with the HDMI cable, but the cable is actually divided into 3 different types: HDMI Type A is a full size HDMI interface we are most familiar with HDMI Type C; also called mini HDMI, is the small size of the interface design of small portable devices; HDMI Type D also called micro HDMI and it is common in the intelligent mobile phone and digital camera, is the smallest in the 3 kinds of interface. Prior to this, from the mini or micro HDMI devices connected to the large size of the display with the help of the adapter, but Alternative Mode will completely solve this problem. However, Alternative Mode is not without defects. It uses the older HDMI 1.4b standard, rather than the new standard HDMI 2.0B, which means that although it has the ability to output 4K, 3D video, but also support HDMI-CEC, but can not provide HDR and other functions. HDMI Licensing has released HDMI to the manufacturer Alternative Mode for USB-C configuration requirements, equipment and cable therefore support the standard may have in making the (original author: Chaim Gartenberg translation: Sean) English [Click to view the original Chinese rights of American The Verge works by Tencent Inc, without authorization, do not reprint excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: