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Guangdong national day to avoid blocking Travel Guide Guangdong Jiangxi expressway. Guangzhou Shenzhen expressway. Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhuang Xiaolong photo paper, Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Xian, Zhou Weiliang, Chen Jiayuan, Cao Jing, Ceng Huanyang, Xie Yingjun, Ganyong, Liu Manyuan, Yan Jianguang, Qin Zhongyang during the holiday times the traffic jam, the Pearl River Delta around when in the travel peak eleven holiday this year? It is expected that in the peak period of return tomorrow afternoon, and is expected to begin in the evening of October 7th. How to escape the "blocking" hand? Offer you the following travel guide. Foshan high-speed traffic congestion time warning Foshan first ring expressway (Pingsheng Bridge – eight Sea Road Interchange), Guangzhou Zhuhai West Expressway (Shi Zhou toll station of Guangzhou Zhuhai West Lamma toll station). Shen Hai high-speed Guangzhou branch (Yayao overpass – chabay Interchange) and two high-speed wide Guangzhou branch (Shishan Xiaotang – Interchange Interchange). The high-speed bypass in September 30th 16:00-23:00 Guangzhou Zhuhai West high speed (Shi Zhou toll station – Guangzhou Zhuhai West Lamma toll station) easy to jam. Recommended travel peak or detour route selection are as follows. []: detour route high speed from Shi Zhou toll station, along the road, at the Bai Chen Road – Yongan road – Flower Avenue South to downtown. October 1st 10:00-11:00 two wide high-speed Guangzhou branch (Shishan interchange – Tong Interchange) easy congestion. Recommended travel peak or detour route selection are as follows. []: the detour route from Songgang high-speed toll station, along Guanghai Avenue East – Guang Yun Road, Yundonghai in high-speed toll station. Jiangmen to Guangzhou direction of the Fokai Republican outlet to road congestion, from Kaiyang highway nozzle high-speed toll station, take State Road 325, from the Republic of Heshan toll station or Yanshan high-speed toll booths. As to Jiujiang road congestion Yanshan, along the following lines: you can bypass the Kaiyang highway nozzle high-speed toll station – 325 State Road (to Guangzhou direction) – Shunde Longshan high-speed toll booths – Shen Expressway (to Guangzhou). When the Shenyang Guangzhou Expressway to the direction of the outlet to Fokai Republican Road, Kaiping to the outlet section and Encheng Shengtang sections are easy to jam, recommended bypass or avoid it. Qingyuan Guang Qing highway is expected to achieve eight lanes across the board before the passage of eleven. By the time the main line of the eight lanes will be all through. The rush hour, the traffic police department will be closed on the ramp bridge Qingyuan bridge north and south, along the ring road north of the new vehicle ban Jiang Road, the old city in Jiangnan avenue. The traffic control time, the control section of the Jiangnan Road, Qingcheng district (including Qingyuan bridge) full sections, namely from the high-speed broad Qingyuan West Island to the North Tian Long Road intersection. Qing Lian Expressway Lianzhou section of northbound traffic caused by holiday if blocked, the flow guide the implementation of diversion routes are as follows: (1) the Qing Lian expressway toll station, Liannan County Liannan – two high-speed wide – into Hunan; (2) the Qing Lian expressway toll station security S114 –S216 dart dart – into Hunan; (3) Qinglian Lianzhou highway toll station – S114 – S216 – into the Hunan provincial highway. Zhaoqing Kunming high-speed Zhaoqing province Fu fo overpass and Xian Gang serving area.相关的主题文章: