Grilled a steak Beijing Nancheng Fangshan economic villa market winflash

Grilled steak Beijing Nancheng Fangshan economic villa market in Fangshan in the first half of 2016 the overall situation is very good, the first half of the Beijing property market turnover. But in all districts and counties in Beijing, the first half of Fangshan District’s average transaction price of pure commodity housing is one of the lowest average transaction price in Beijing, so the Fangshan region is currently the depression of Beijing. Now Beijing comprehensive luxury, the price of more than one hundred thousand yuan increase in the number of luxury. Including Fengtai Nancheng, a price of up to more than 70 thousand of the project sold more than and 300 sets, previously Huangcun commercial plots of the future price to eighty thousand yuan mark. The first half of this year, Fangshan District commercial housing transaction price rose nearly fifteen percent, while in the region of mature plate such as Changyang, in the sale of real estate prices are rising, the current average price of Vanke Changyang Peninsula has exceeded forty thousand, Guangyang County No. nine forty-five thousand. These data indicate that the Beijing property buyers demand the final price is surging in depression, the near future perhaps depression in Fangshan will become history. At present, the Fangshan apartment layout area is basically a large-sized apartment just need to give priority to, of course, this is also the price lock influence, but since the second half of the year, great changes have taken place in Fangshan area apartment layout area, the large-sized apartment houses and villas and apartment layout. Fangshan villa units belonging to the economic type villa units, the total price is lower, smaller, and the surrounding natural environment is superior, very suitable for pension or vacation. At present, there are 8 pure Fangshan villa project, respectively is Heng Heng Yue Shu Shu, Moldova, V7 Lake No.1 (real estate information), V7 (real estate information), moonlight crossing the Green Town (real estate information), the Beijing Peninsula, Changhai Yushu (real estate information), deputy Vera (real estate information) among them, Heng Shu, friction is located in Fangshan Zhoukoudian, the main push Diepin villa, this is a pure new disc, the future of unlimited potential; Heng Yue Shu Yan village project is located in Fangshan plate, the main push Diepin villa, there will be a future subway, convenient transportation. Heng Heng Yue Shu Shu Heng real estate Tencent – friction · friction; Shu (real estate information) is the first real estate development project of Zhoukou town. The project is located in Fangshan District Zhoukou town government east 200 meters. The total area of 250 thousand square meters, construction area of 230 thousand square meters, floor area ratio of 1.5, greening rate of 30%. Now launched villa products, consisting of 22 Building 5 – 6 layer stacked villas, an area of 138 square meters -160 square meters, a total of 488 sets. The first fold 5.4 meters high, with the double garden courtyard life; in the stack, stack has a large patio area, home building. Surrounded by many scenic spots, the first subway station, convenient transportation. Tencent Beijing Fangshan real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 42136594 days of constant · friction villa view details livable residential communities | luxury Gallery the latest 400-819-1111 to 100662 days of constant · Moldova villa project is located in Zhoukoudian Longshou location, the natural landscape has deep cultural heritage, richly endowed by nature and a variety of natural wind light. Surrounding the project covering the "two high, one track, multi bus" multi-dimensional transportation network, fast connection and Fangshan urban core area and the central government CSD.相关的主题文章: