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Graphene to create the world’s lightest car, four cylinder 2.5 litre engine set limit – Sohu automobile |AutoR intellectual drive Li Mingyang Briggs (BAC) recently published in Manchester, the world’s first body frame using graphene as materials of automobile, called BAC Mono. BAC motor company was founded in 2009, which is a very young company, full name Briggs Automotive Company, referred to as BAC. BAC was founded by Lan Briggs and Neill Briggs two brothers in northwest England in 2009, brother Lan Briggs graduated from the Coventry University with the major of automotive design, served as the design work in the Mercedes Benz and Porsche. * brother Lan Briggs brother Neill Briggs this car can be a lot of attention, a large part of the reason for his brother’s unique design of the car. Brother Neill Briggs is an automotive engineer, worked at Bentley and Ford. This in itself is a very interesting thing, the 21 brothers responsible for the appearance of a person responsible for the project. BAC Mono supplier has about 100, each supplier is after BAC carefully selected. The supplier must ensure that the parts are manufactured for BAC to ensure the quality of the parts. Each part is subject to strict inspection and special packaging. BAC Mono full vehicle weight of 580kg, front and rear wheels, body, suspension system, engine all use graphene material. BAC Mono single seater release can be the lightest racing track. BAC Mono graphene material body weight than steel body weight loss of twenty percent, the strength of steel body is about 200 times. The Jaguar XFL has just released 75 of the use of the aluminum body of its strength is only about. BAC Mono is equipped with a 2.5 liter 305 HP four cylinder engine, according to official said, BAC Mono 0-60 miles (0-96 km) acceleration time of 2.8 seconds. The same engine used in ordinary cars above, the fastest acceleration time in 7 seconds or more. BAC development director and founder Neill Briggs said: "BAC is the only home company of graphene materials used in the automobile industry, the body weight significantly reduced the car can provide better performance for customers, but also for long-term cooperation of haydale company." Haydale is a company specializing in the manufacture and processing of nano materials, the company has applied graphene to aerospace, ink, sensors, energy storage and other fields. The chemical formula about body material graphene Cn graphene, graphene is the same as the benzene ring, composed of 6 carbon hexagonal elements in the two-dimensional plane are connected to form a chain of six slices. Also called graphene.相关的主题文章: