Futures Company restart the listing of three new board 4 companies queuing approach jodie foster

Futures Company to restart the listing of three new board 4 companies lined up to enter the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Securities Times reporter Chen Dongsheng recently, the stock transfer system to clear the Futures Company public transfer instructions disclosure requirements, marking the listing of three new board Futures Company restart. Securities Times reporter found that the disclosure of stock transfer system before the date of the latest in the basic situation of enterprises to apply for listing, Guangzhou futures, futures, Funeng chaos Tiancheng futures, first financial futures CPI 4 Futures Company in the column. Futures Company landing three new board relative to other financial industries, the futures industry profitability is poor, and the Futures Company between the strength of the gap is large, medium and small Futures Company basically missed the main board, small board, the new board provides the door of hope for the Futures Company to enter the capital market. Up to now, there are 5 Futures Company listed on the new board. Guangzhou futures general manager Yan Ruozhong told reporters that the three new board listed on Futures Company operation put forward higher requirements, at the same time, the new board provides capital operation platform for Futures Company, can enhance the company’s capital strength, improve service ability and competition ability. In October 29, 2014, the Commission issued a formal implementation of "Futures Company supervision and management measures", the shareholders of the Futures Company will expand the scope of legal person to China by unit and natural person, cleared the policy barriers for the development of the capital market by Futures Company. In December 26th, the Commission issued the "notice" on issues related to the relevant business system of securities institutions involved in the stock, clear securities and futures business institutions to support the use of the national share transfer system of capital, and enhance the ability to resist risks. Deregulation of the regulatory authorities to open the financing channel for Futures Company, but also to bring new opportunities for the development of the industry. Share transfer system for listing the basic situation of enterprises in the trial table display, Guangzhou futures and futures Funeng review progress for feedback reply review, chaos Tiancheng futures and financial futures CPI first review the progress to issue feedback. Data show that chaos Tiancheng futures, Guangzhou futures, futures, CPI Funeng Xianrong futures 2015 net profit of 55 million 524 thousand and 100, 18 million 87 thousand and 300, 8 million 443 thousand and 300, 4 million 9 thousand. Financing channels to expand the size of the net capital has plagued the development of small Futures Company, listed three new board will undoubtedly broaden the financing channels of Futures Company. Reporters combed 5 Futures Company have been listed on the new board of the refinancing situation, in addition to HNA futures not to refinance, the other 4 Futures Company were refinanced, total financing amount of 2 billion 570 million yuan. Among them, the Yongan futures has issued two times, the largest amount of financing, a total of $2 billion 18 million financing. The remaining 3 Futures Company financing amount less, and three new board companies generally exist financing problems. As of yesterday, the total number of three new board listed company has reached 8977, this week is expected to sprint the 9000 mark. And the number of Listed Companies in sharp contrast to the theory of相关的主题文章: