Foxconn added 40 thousand robot production line workers in China to cry (video)

Foxconn added 40 thousand robot production line workers in China to cry? Foxconn received government subsidies to avoid layoffs Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, the media said Wednesday, the main business of Foxconn generation Apple has installed 40 thousand robots in the Chinese production base, the move is in order to reduce the number of company employees. Foxconn executives Dai Jiapeng (sound) in an interview with Taiwan’s Central News interview, said, in addition to some parts such as servo motors and speed reducer, these robots are basically produced by Foxconn. However, at the moment we do not know exactly how many Foxconn robot (Foxbots) will be used in the manufacture of apple products. It is reported that the robot was assigned to the Zhengzhou production base, and computer peripherals factory plate factory in Chengdu, Kunshan and Jiashan also has a large number of installation. Dai Jiapeng said that Foxconn can build 10 thousand robots each year, in the future they will continue to use robots to replace humans, but only in the Kunshan factory, they recently laid off a staff of 60 thousand. Previously, China’s labor costs have been lower than the robot, so Foxconn in China has maintained a workforce of nearly a million people. However, the rising cost of labor, young people gradually disgusted with the work of the production line and other factors are changing this situation, prompting many companies to invest heavily in the production of automation. (compiled later) more exciting content, welcome to search public number: WeChat financial Tencent (financeapp).相关的主题文章: