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Former vice mayor of Haikou bribery 9 million and two pieces of gold in a trial of 11 years – Beijing bribery 9 million + two gold Li Jie former vice mayor of Haikou, a trial of 11 years and fined 1 million 600 thousand a reporter yesterday from the justice network was informed that in August 19th, by the Hainan provincial procuratorate second branch investigation results and prosecuted Li Jie (former vice mayor of Haikou city the Deputy departmental level) bribery case open verdict. The court sentenced Li Jie to eleven years in prison and fined him $1 million 600 thousand. It is reported that the case is the Hainan provincial procuratorate 6, 3 project in the core case. Reporter Chen Dong court found that from 2004 to 2015, Li Jie use of his office, served as secretary of Haikou City Transportation Bureau of Haikou District, Meilan Meilan District CPC party secretary, vice mayor of Haikou City, for the benefit of others, accepting Hainan Fulong Group Limited 8 units and Chen Li 23 people given property, totaling 9 million yuan when the day and identification value of 1.95078 yuan gold two yuan, his behavior constituted bribery. Take office under the "red pay New Year’s call" the court found that the defendant Li Jie in accepting subordinates of the so-called "pay New Year’s call red envelopes" although there is no clear majority of trust matters, but based on Li Jie’s special status, the two sides of the intention behind the pay New Year’s call envelopes are aware of, and the receiving sites are in the office, so these "pay New Year’s call envelopes and ordinary holiday gifts completely different red properties, should be identified as the crime of bribery. Therefore, the prosecution alleged that the facts of the crime of bribery Li Jiefan clear, the evidence is sufficient, the charges were established, should be supported. Li Jie actively ill gotten gains, there is repentance in view of the defendant Li Jie has meritorious circumstances, good attitude, has confessed the plot, are to be given a lighter punishment. The defendant Li Jie actively ill gotten gains, there is repentance, the discretion given a lighter punishment. Li Jie, the defendant’s criminal facts, nature, circumstances and the degree of harm to society, the court made the decision in accordance with the law.相关的主题文章: