Foreign media China’s soaring demand for luxury goods to save Europe and the United States market

Foreign media: Chinese super luxury market in Europe and the United States – save a surge in demand in New Network Reference News Network reported on November 5th French media said, the super brand in demand in the low tide suddenly pulled up, because in the Chinese market sales surge, this is completely contrary to international investors expected. According to Radio France international website reported on November 3rd, in Chinese is often used as gifts of super luxury nearly two years of poor sales, analysis had said it was because the anti-corruption officials fear caused by bribery was found, so the market downturn, has been described as anti corruption effect. However, the latest quarterly survey shows that China’s luxury market is booming again, bringing unexpected joy to investors. Reported that the Chinese was a drag on the market, the first half of this year the global luxury consumption. Hongkong consumer appetite, Chinese visitors to the United States market downturn, leading to plunge, such as Louis Weedon, Dior, Hermes, cayenne group and weak sales in the latest quarter, statistics have shown that, thanks to the global luxury market accounted for more than 1/3 of the China super brand customers, sales situation better Out of the Blue. In addition, because of the devaluation of the pound, the British tourists soared, the British market to some extent to make up for the luxury consumption of French tourists to reduce the loss caused by. Market analysts pointed out that China’s market demand for luxury goods increased significantly. This is the end of the year, is undoubtedly a good news, but the current situation can not be regarded as a trend. It was also analyzed, China luxury consumption in the market there are a variety of factors, cause a decline of consumption in 2015 is the Shanghai stock market crash, the devaluation of the renminbi is two. Compared with this year, China’s economic development is relatively stable, the European and Asian markets to reduce the gap between luxury prices, coupled with measures taken by Beijing to stimulate the internal market consumption, etc.. Hermes company responsible person think that sales market to accelerate the China Duma, hand due to China consumer desire to promote, on one hand and Chinese government encourages local purchase policy. However, he said cautiously that it is too early to celebrate victory. HSBC analysts believe that there are many psychological factors, such as the devaluation of the RMB and the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 caused by the pressure has now been eliminated. Once the U.S. presidential election ended, after the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the sales situation will be improved. However, not all luxury goods are the benefits, Swiss watches is still sluggish sales.相关的主题文章: