Forced prostitution, sentencing is not the end jessica rabbit

Forced minors prostitution, the verdict is not the end of the Hunan County People’s Court of Cili recently lured together, forcing minors convicted of prostitution cases, more than ten people were dealt with according to law, most of them minors. In the criminal punishment of 7 people, there are less than the age of 5 people under the age of the incident, while in the 3 victims of the age of less than 14 years old, a man just turned over the age of 14 years old in the. Originally in the parents coquetry age, but was forced prostitution was supposed to be studying in the campus; the window, but dropped out early years removed from the bar and other places, age plays a "pimp" role; originally dedicated to public officials and cadres, but driven by a desire to spend money, sex and not adults…… This temptation to force minors prostitution case, almost every level from the bottom line of the law and ethics. In this case, whether victims or victims, mostly left behind children. They are young, self protective ability is weak, the lack of cognitive ability to the outside world, it is easy to become the object of infringement. While the parents are not around long, lack of family and normal family education, they lead to more risk prevention ability is low, especially the danger, I do not know how to handle, only to heel, often difficult to avoid the tragedy. Left behind children is another risk, due to the lack of long-term family warmth, spirit is very easy to desertification, once addicted to bad social mood, we may go astray. In this case, a number of temptations, coercion of minors, the main suspect of prostitution, are also left behind minors. In a sense, they are also victims. "The more schools, less of a prison, but early into the community in the school age, their life is not another way? In essence, the minors forced prostitution of minors, is a typical weak phase invasion". At the moment, whether it is physical or spiritual, left-behind children are actually a group of the lack of resources, suffered discrimination and indifference, they often have a self exile mentality, also with indifference to the society, "the knife to the weak" thing, is not accidental. From a national perspective, left behind children is a very large number. Data show that only in Hunan, Cili the typical labor exporting County as an example, in August this year, Cili county completed a diagnostic investigation work of children left in rural areas, 16977 children under the age of 16 in rural areas of the county left behind. For such a group, the local government has not established a normalization of relief and helping mechanism? Even if there are, I am afraid that the effect is also difficult to say ideal. Here lies in the question, for some local government left-behind children, often only diagnostic investigation, and no further follow up system. Left-behind children vulnerable, in fact also reflects the weak supervision. Cases involving left behind children frequent, high incidence, there are two problems to be solved. Is a school dropout. Education, civil affairs departments should earnestly assume responsibility, do not let any one left-behind children out of school. The two is like Cili labor export, it is necessary to fine care of children left behind, such as psychological counseling, difficult to help, open rights channels, etc.. Only to work as a bar相关的主题文章: