Football manager 2017 in charge of China bad title fearless threat game player mp7a1

"Football manager 2017" in charge of China bad title threat fearless game player "football manager 2017" studio SI director Miles Jacobson in his twitter said that any abusive speech he and members of the studio will cause the game account banned, please have warnings Shenxing game player. At the same time, he is still in the comments to reply, he has been accustomed to the Steam comments in a large number of Chinese poor. SI officials said in a push to abuse the staff will have the title, and said in reply has been used a lot of difference in Steam assessment of the current "football manager 2017" because there is no Chinese game which led to the China game player’s anger, but also filled with a lot of comments caused no Chinese version of the poor the game received rate dropped to 32%. But Chinese game player so angry is because SI the official Chinese attitude has always been not how good, as early as 2011, the Miles Jacobson in his twitter posting said, if Chinese is being used to buy 20 thousand pirated game player game, then the game will launch Chinese version. The official explanation for the lack of a Chinese version is that the studio is too small to translate. In 2011, twitter, the director said that as long as the China 20 thousand game player joined the Chinese purchase can be seen in the "2017" football manager Steam store page, the game supports 15 different languages, and includes such as Korean minority language, so the official does not have enough manpower that credibility is not high. So regardless of the game itself because of quality, it seems that there are some extreme ways to Chinese game is not bad, but it is China genuine their demands for game player a mode of expression. I don’t know what you think 15 languages is not simplified Chinese (source: gamersky editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: