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Female white-collar workers spend hundreds of thousands of study in the United Kingdom after returning to a monthly salary of 7000 yuan has shrunk from the original title: "kelp" in what home for several months, cast dozens of resumes, no echo. The 24 year old England master Zhang Jialing breaking a finger count smile: "in a 4 interview and written 2 times, then there is no then." More time is spent in waiting. She was constantly refreshed every mailbox and afraid to miss a strange call waiting, and spent more than 1 years, take into hundreds of thousands of yuan, finally to their degree with gold, is a day of being stripped of the aura of reality. Finding a job for Zhang Jialing is now the family’s number one mission". Parents and relatives launched a huge private network, which is obviously more than like look for a needle in the ocean is more efficient to have wide spread resume. Several directly to the door of the opportunity, she refused to give. First, the parents to help her arrange a job in the bank, to promote credit products, which makes her feel and do their own professional learning one hundred and eight thousand poor, really do not like". Relatives has introduced her to several internships, but some "low wages", some "not positive", and "can not solve the account, she refused 11. Angry relatives fell down a sentence: "not much use, good Gao wuyuan!" She can feel that their request is not high: work in Beijing, a reasonable practice time after confirmation, promotion space, after tax salary of not less than 6000 yuan, and settled in. She asked relatives: if even these are not up, then I go abroad to study the significance of where?" Looking for a job and looking for an object, in her view is a truth, can not do it, come slowly, always wait until that belongs to their own." Like Zhang Jialing, most overseas students choose to return home after completing their studies. Ministry of education data show that in 2015 the total number of foreign students studying in China was 523 thousand and 700, returning home to the people of the year, an increase of 12.1% over the previous year. In the 37 years from 1978 to the end of 2015, the total number of students studying abroad reached a total of 4 million 42 thousand and 100 people, after graduation, the development of the country accounted for 79.87%. However, large groups of students, a home faces hitherto unknown embarrassment: while the domestic college graduates of record highs, and constantly refresh "peak the most difficult employment season; one side is affected by the overall economic situation, employment demand gradually decline, more and more students to join the" slow employment group". This group does not intend to immediately after graduation employment, do not intend to continue their studies, but choose to accompany their parents at home, or travel, study, education, do not rush to determine the occupation and life planning. And this phenomenon is more common in the returnees group. These young people, mostly family conditions, and there is no urgent need to make a living, the pursuit of higher quality of life and work, ideal and reality, one in front of them slowed down the pace of employment. Quit a year salary shrunk 7000 yuan is also a student, Nana actually had a sense of urgency Time will not wait for me.. With just face相关的主题文章: