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Fast packet method with Boiled dumplings, delicious dumplings or feel down as the old saying "good food and drink – Sohu than backwards, not as delicious dumplings", it seems the invention of this sentence, but also a chowhound. Delicious dumplings on the pleat, the key is the selection of delicious dumplings stuffing and modulation ingredients, thin skin stuffing, belly round dumplings, delicious stuffing, a bite out of juice, think of all is to slobber. In the dumplings, Sam sun stuffing is the classic and most delicious one, with the modulation of the stuffing diffusion group chowhound grow, filling a variety of methods, far beyond its original taste. Homemade dumpling, in fact, without too much attention, as long as delicious is perfect. I made a few articles on the dumplings, the article you also see, all kinds of dumplings you have tasted the. This is how to talk about my dumplings, that belly round, thin skinned dumplings stuffing style. How can we make the dumplings belly round is still color value, like a supermarket selling missing dumpling, presumably a lot of friends in this small problem. Well, after reading this article, you will know that this is not really a problem. [ingredients]: Flour 600g, 800g, 400g, leek shrimp oil 25g, salt 2 teaspoon, cooking wine 3 teaspoon, egg 3, 1 leek choose clean ventilated place to dry. 2, flour and a moderate dough, knead well covered with plastic wrap up thoroughly. 3, fresh shrimp peeled shrimp shell, remove shrimp shrimp intestines line. 4, the shrimp meat cooking wine, 0.5 teaspoon salt, mix well tasty. 5, egg whipped egg liquid, the wok pour 10g heated oil poured into the egg liquid, egg fried egg liquid into small fire broken. 6, the dried chopped chives. Leek drying can reduce the dumplings filling water. 7, the egg broken, shrimp meat into the leek. In the remaining oil, the remaining salt and mix well. 8, Xing good side up into small pieces, roll into thin wrappers. Use a small spoon to dig out the dumplings and put them in the middle of the dumpling skin. 9, the left hand to hold the right hand to the middle position of the dumplings, dumpling skin pinch the dumpling skin fixed. 10, the dumpling skin close to the left corner on the left inside position. The left thumb and forefinger on the left side of the dumpling. The rest of the left hand fingers hold the bottom of the dumplings. The index finger pressed dumpling skin 11, right thumb and left hand on the right side of the right hand, left hand hold other fingers from the outside. 12, both hands thumb pressing in the same time, the rest of the finger to the middle of the extrusion, so that the dumplings belly bulge.         相关的主题文章: