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Fare several times to sell fake crudely made pit tens of thousands of new web two hundred million – Huyou go Pujiang police have uncovered large telecommunications fraud selling counterfeit case, the price several times to sell fake crudely made hundreds of victims of "operator" hit the phone every day tens of thousands of pit tens of thousands of people, suddenly go two hundred million newspaper reporter correspondent Pan Zaiyang Fu Yingjie photo paper "Mr X, you the body is not a small problem, such as prostate. I have a medicine here, maybe you will be interested……" How would you react if you received such a call? Probably more than ninety-five percent people will die. But on the other side of the phone, it is not discouraged to look for a few percent of that may be heard, as well as the potential to eventually fall in the "sell medicine" trap in the few thousandths, and even a few. Do not look down on this small probability, in September 23rd, Jinhua, Pujiang police have just cracked the big selling drugs in telecommunications fraud cases, involving up to 200 million yuan. Fraud Gang arrested nearly 200 people are involved in the case of 2/3 people every day to get involved in the case, currently caught up to 192 people. 2/3 of them are specially called. Each day will hit hundreds and hundreds of calls, so massive, even if the "extensive cultivation" also can still have some gains. Mr Wong of Pujiang, is one of the telecommunications fraud trap. In March 2016, he received a strange phone call. The caller claiming to be surnamed Liu, is the Hangzhou prostate rehabilitation center staff, the other can accurately tell Mr. Huang’s name, but also know that he is plagued by prostate problems, "Mr. Huang, experts here are very good, especially the song……" Mr. Huang was impressed by contact Liu mouth "Dr. song". Soon, the phone is switched on. "Song doctor" said he was an expert at the Zhongnanhai in Beijing dedicated to the leadership of the doctor. Such a big background, Mr. Huang told skeptical in his condition each other. To understand physical condition of Mr. Huang, "Dr. Song" mouth all academic term bounce, said the doctor and the hospital also really is somewhat similar, in the end, nature is recommended a "emperor Moumou soup" drugs, said the sounds expensive medicine can harness Mr. the first half of the disease, a course of 12 boxes, each box is priced at 600 yuan. McCain has been dizzy Huang, come up with 7230 yuan to order 12 boxes of the drug. "Dr. Song" boldly said can cash on delivery, followed by several times to call the carefully told time of taking medicine, daily life and other considerations. Diagnosis and treatment services so carefully in place, Mr. Wong has gradually relaxed vigilance, inadvertently said he has a relative also have this problem, so, song doctor and sold out 12 boxes of drugs. However, Mr. Huang’s disease did not improve as expected. "Song doctor" flicker: "medicine is certainly good, may not be suitable for you, for a line." So, Mr. Huang pay change. Wait until the final feeling does not alarm.相关的主题文章: