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Exercise during pregnancy must be careful, a security Sohu maternal exercise during pregnancy should be avoided, to avoid any matters when lying on the back during pregnancy, should avoid putting pressure on the back and the core of your. Give up trying to do some crunches, plank, squat action to exercise your stand and curved sideways. Putting pressure on the core limits blood flow to the growing baby, causing damage. To avoid excessive exercise, if you have a fixed exercise habit before pregnancy, then you can continue to maintain, but remember that change with your body, you may need to reduce the intensity of your exercise, avoid excessive exercise. Pregnant women should pay attention to safety. Two. During pregnancy, exercise should follow the rules, low impact exercise to give up those severe aerobic exercise, you should choose a flexible, low impact exercise, with a focus on the establishment of muscle strength. Brisk walking, swimming and yoga can help build your endurance. To maintain the body’s moisture throughout pregnancy should keep the skin moisture. If you exercise regularly, should maintain frequent sips of liquid, supplement the body of water. Remember, you need to have a healthy diet during pregnancy, so as not to damage your body. Listen to your body and you should listen to your body at any time. If you need a day off, take a break. If you are gasping for breath instead of enjoying the usual exercise, let yourself rest. Wear comfortable shoes and your back needs to share the weight of your belly, so all you have to do is invest in a good pair of sneakers to get the necessary support on your back. If you are doing weight training, continue to do so, just start with light weight, and then do more slowly. In this way, your endurance and strength can become stronger and help you through the pain of childbirth. Try, water sports water sports is a great low intensity aerobic exercise, you can burn calories and exercise power and improve the flexibility of joints is also very good. Even beginners, is also a good choice. Always check the heart and remember, when you exercise should not force themselves to cause fatigue. Therefore, at any time to detect your heartbeat, if you have a breath, hypoxia, may affect the health of the fetus.相关的主题文章: