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Environmental officials admitted taking bribes 120 thousand times to face more than 140 – admitted taking bribes Beijing bribery Ding Rushu from 2009 to 2013 delivered a total of 763 thousand and 500 tons of sewage in August 11, 2016, Anhui province high tech Development Zone in Hefei City Court of first instance found the City Environmental Protection Bureau Environmental Monitoring detachment supervision room director Xu Yongfan bribes and bribery, sentenced to three years in prison, fined 300 thousand yuan; prior to this, the boss to monitor the detachment of Cao Yong for accepting bribes was sentenced to criminal punishment. So far, Hefei, Longquan mountain garbage disposal field series of cases involving people, are subject to legal punishment. In the case of the series, Longquan mountain landfill deputy secretary, deputy Changge Ruixin bribery case, is a highlight of the series. In June 8th this year, Anhui Province, Lujiang county court found Gray guilty of bribery, sentenced to imprisonment in five years and six months, and fined 450 thousand yuan. After the first instance verdict, Gray new service sentenced, did not appeal. To report a letter at the beginning of August 2015, Anhui Province, Hefei City Commission received a report letter report, Hefei city Longquan mountain landfill deputy director Ge Ruixin bribery 60 thousand yuan. After receiving the report, Anhui County, Lujiang procuratorate responsible for investigating and verifying this report information. Prosecutors handling the case investigation learned that the Longquan mountain landfill mainly deal with garbage, holidays, business units of the landfill will provide some funds to the office activities landfill, this part of the money for the collective, not Gray’s new personal bribery. However, the need for a lot of garbage disposal services and professional services, project bidding more, there is a problem? August 7, 2015, prosecutors first contact with Gray new. Gray started a new confrontation mood is larger, but several rounds of battle, he admitted that he had received a sewage transportation by Xu, 20 thousand yuan in landfill biogas power generation Lee 40 thousand yuan and bear the dump fly item company 60 thousand yuan. Prosecutors found in the process of fixing the evidence, Ge Ruixin said the bribery Xu, but bear the landfill small sewage transportation business, is probably not the largest bribery, Gray or conceal. The prosecutor decided, under the re examination of landfill sewage Sinotrans main business units. "Loyalty" partner prosecutors found that the main business partners of Longquan mountain sewage Sinotrans landfill is Banghua, Xu’s personal car to undertake the dumping of sewage from Sinotrans Banghua business company. To undertake the sewage business through such methods as well as Sinotrans Ding Rushu. Ding Rushu is the local people. 2001 Longquan mountain landfill started preparatory work, Ge Ruixin was transferred to the preparatory group. Local people heard the door of the house to build a garbage disposal site, there are psychological exclusion, Ding Rushu help Ge Ruixin to coordinate the matter. In the course of contacts, two people become familiar with them. The survey found that in 2009, Ding Rushu heard that the landfill sewage Sinotrans project in bidding, then want to participate, but our company does not have the qualification of this project, so he found a new Gray. Ge Ruixin introduced him to the state of China ltd.. Subsequently, Ding Rushu will undertake the business of sewage Sinotrans).相关的主题文章: