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Enjoy the extraordinary new style Yu leopard Jaguar XFL   debut in Guangzhou; in September 10, 2016, should enjoy the new style — the new Jaguar XFL Guangzhou conference ended successfully. With the elegant and graceful dancer Cello Sound dynamic interpretation, the new style sports car business — the new Jaguar XFL stunning debut. Exquisite workmanship and the extraordinary charm of science and technology, the outbreak of a new style of the leopard’s brilliant spark, but also ignited the surging passion of every guest. At the same time, the conference held successfully opened the Jaguar Jaguar XFL comprehensive and meet the personalized needs of daily for progress in science and technology human nature, committed to the application of the most cutting-edge technology to create the perfect car driver. The Jaguar XFL first introduced the nanoe car air purification technology, purification by anion and physical, keep the cabin air fresh and clean. A new generation of InControl intelligent leading enjoy touch system, create a mobile office environment and convenient to advanced intelligence technology, created a new realm of new style sports car business. The leader spoke Jaguar XFL in every detail to perfection. From the car F-TYPE concept, which is simple and powerful body lines reveal a dynamic personality, extraordinary aerodynamic design enhances its motion performance, brings stability and safety, perfect the strong visual impact. The intelligent all aluminum body structure, so that the body structure is light and strong, but also to play the best performance.     dance scene; the new Jaguar XFL as everyone knows, the Jaguar XF standard wheelbase version is quite spacious, and the new Jaguar XFL wheelbase, compared to XF is increased by 140 mm, to 3100 mm, the rear legroom and knee space increased further, for passengers to create a more generous calm and comfortable ideal recreational environment. Instructor instructor       activity also hired a British road well versed in business etiquette training, the most pure English training business, dress accessories and high-end custom dress etiquette guide and other activities to bring guests, help the business elite strive for further improvement. In addition, the site also specially prepared exquisite British tea, the guests enjoy England in luxury, feeling the extraordinary charm of the jaguar. Leading photo   as the Jaguar brand’s first domestic models, the new Jaguar XFL from the standard wheelbase version of the product advantages, for Chinese Market Research and development to create, is a very meaningful milepost Jaguar models. It is not only to meet the consumer demand for the level of the vehicle and to process the spacious space, more with the brand that the perfect body proportions and proud of the elegant lines talent shows itself in many of his competitors, become a new choice for the business elite Chinese charm. Jaguar Land Rover authorized dealer in Guangzhou Guangdong Hongyue tiger Auto Sales Service Co. Ltd. address: No. 761, Guangzhou city Panyu District Road Bridge Xing (Regal opposite Villa) Tel: 020-39282888 address: guangdonghongyueruihu.der相关的主题文章: