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The staff was expelled from the 80% moon cake plug-in grab users support Ali practices – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Hangzhou on September 14th news China according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the Mid Autumn Festival, the Alibaba launched a low-cost network to buy moon cake, the 4 member security program due to the use of technical means to rewrite the internal script in 124, the network more panic buying boxes of moon cakes, two hours after the Ali Co was found and dismissed. Ali official explanation given is that they use technical means of cheating, touched the integrity of the red line, the game has rules, everything has a bottom line. After the incident sparked a lot of controversy. Some people think that Ali was a little exaggeration, this is just a few IT man technology joke, brush a few boxes of moon cake will not have to be expelled from the point; others said that Ali is a payment, trading, financial products platform, the integrity of the important touch, integrity the red line, the damage is the most basic occupation ethics. Nearly 80% of users support Ali’s treatment. Many people believe that the integrity of the red line, the destruction of the most basic professional ethics. Micro-blog users @ contentment 4961: a small thing has a big influence, is the so-called Trinidad embankment collapse in, to the occupation morals and observers should be expelled. Micro-blog users @ ball: knowledge enterprises to honesty, the most taboo for rape from. I think it’s understandable. The rule of damage is to pay the price. Enterprise employees can not take advantage of their own resources, to seek improper interests. Micro-blog users @ rabbit is a rabbit: in itself is a security engineer, found that even if the technical loopholes should not be used to make up for it? Some of the requirements of the staff must include the character, the system is the system, the details of the strict management, the event will not be a problem. However, there are about 20% of users think it is Big deal, a few lines of code, a few pieces of moon cake, not be dismissed: micro-blog users @ the man from Earth: a simulation result code automatically click of the mouse, a programmer for a piece of cake, a piece of code just to help you have a lazy, as this technology, and the games run fast no leg what is the difference between micro-blog users @ mask: this script to submit application and did not empty panic buying, grab get help about this kind of thing will grab almost up to the issue of integrity, rather Big deal.相关的主题文章: