Emission gate led to the release of a new Audi new a3q4 (video) queer as folk

Discharge door led Audi to postpone the release of the new A3 Q4 car involved before the overseas media reported that due to the need to give priority to "discharge door" incident, Audi will postpone a new generation of A3 and SUV models, Audi plans to release Q4, which was originally scheduled for 2017 production of Audi Q4, the release time or postponed to 2021. The new Audi A3 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) "according to foreign media reports, Audi is currently working to repair cheating software update, MQB platform to create two new models — a new generation of A3 and Q4 models released time will be delayed based on plan. Last year, Audi launched the A3 interim models. In recent days, Audi has replaced the new version of the A3 version of the 2.0T engine to replace the old models of the older 1.8T engine (domestic Audi A3 is expected to change the new model in the near future after the change). "Audi TT (with, pictures, inquiry) offroadConcept concept car" Audi Q4 to 2020 what? After reading you know at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show (micro-blog), Audi released the TT offroad Concept concept car, and the car has been regarded as the future of Audi Q4 prototype car. After a long period of negotiations with Q2 Q4 trademark holder FCA (Fiat Chrysler Group), Audi finally reached an agreement with FCA in January this year, access to the right to use the trademark Q2 Q4. Previously, FCA has said it will not transfer to Audi two trademark right to use the trademark and the current Q4 is still used as a rear wheel drive models of Martha Lahti’s identity. Foreign media said Audi Q4 production version of the launch time will not be as early as 2021. "BMW X4 cash (ginseng, pictures, inquiry);" it is reported that the Mercedes GLC Coupe, Audi Q4 will be TT offroad Concept concept car design basis, and will launch a plug-in hybrid vehicle system. In the future, Audi Q4’s competitors will include a new generation of BMW X4 and Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe models. Although the Audi spokesman said in an interview on the No comment. car program, but the foreign media reports, a new generation of Audi A3 and Q4 models will be equipped with gasoline and diesel engine series in the new development, but compared to the current research progress has lagged behind its original plan. Therefore, the release time of the two models is also necessary to postpone.相关的主题文章: