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Using a mobile phone or driving license was revoked for the British government to implement zero tolerance strategy of Tencent Automobile News Beijing on November 10th news, according to the AutoCar website, according to the new regulations implemented next year, the British driver to drive the use of mobile phone if checked, they may be revocation of the driving license. The penalty will be officially implemented in early 2017, the government’s zero tolerance Ordinance will also reduce the chance to participate in illegal driving lessons. The minimum penalty for driving a cell phone is 6, which is a factor of 2 times the current penalty. The amount of the fine will be doubled from $100 to $200. British Minister of relevant departments, said before the end of 2016 will open dangerous driving course consulting services. Although since 2011, the number of drivers to use mobile phone during the British and the car has fallen by 84%, British Prime Minister Teresa (Theresa May) · Mei said, I hope this behavior in the whole society is not acceptable. Three months ago, on the highway A34, a truck driver in driving to see the phone, hit another car, resulting in a family of four unfortunately died in a traffic accident. Three months after the accident, the British government issued the new regulations. Many of Britain’s road safety leaders have expressed concern about the use of mobile phones while driving. The driver and vehicle cargo transportation association policy chief Ian · Gallagher said: "there is a risk of driver occupation at work, many of our members have zero tolerance policy on the implementation of these Regulations of illegal workers." "The changes in these policy proposals should, in a way, allow all drivers to take into account the consequences of their violations." The British Motors Insurance Corporation Sheilas’ Wheels public relations department director Elmar · Banks said: "despite repeated warnings about these problems and carry out promotional activities, but the driver of the car seems to still hold" will never happen to me "attitude, to continue to use the mobile phone in the car." These people not only endanger their lives, but also endanger the safety of passengers, other drivers and pedestrians."相关的主题文章: