Don’t look at the silver to the adventures of homicide 3edyy

Don’t look at the silver to the adventures of homicide in August 27th, informed the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau, OPULENS "8· 05" series of female rape murder cases successfully solved. This series of heinous rape murder case occurred in 1988 to 2002 in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Baotou City, Gansu Province, Kundulun District, Baiyin District, the 11 female victims, as many as 11 people. The case informed the public opinion quickly became the focus of heated debate, one of the reasons is that the suspect on female victims crime is extremely cruel means, he not only rape and killing of women, but also cut the female reproductive organs of human tissue, etc.. On the other hand, it was found that the suspect is not a high expected image, a wretched, but more like a kindly uncle next door looks quite, have a stable family, has two sons both admitted to the University and have been working. It should be said, "8· 05" series of rape murder can be successfully solved is a gratifying and exciting things. This not only reflects the public security criminal investigation department for many years but the murderer finally spoils, but also reflects the development of modern criminal investigation technology makes those luck more difficult to hide. In fact, such cases are not isolated cases, the potential killers in society may not be known for a long time. For example, Henan Zhengyang Yang Xinhai Henan and Anhui Lu Ji across 4 provinces, 26 cases of crime, killed 67 people, injured 10 people, 23 people Shaanxi Shangluo rape; Long Zhimin, lured the bricoleur to his home, 48 people were killed; Zhao Zhihong of Inner Mongolia, raped and killed 11 people, including a "count" the vocative head caused Hu Ge Ji Le Tu, create a great sensation of the famous unjust case…… From the current published case, compared to the continuing crime series of rape and murder in the ordinary criminal case is specific enough, for example, most of them are male, mostly to strangers as object. Whether from the motive, or modus operandi is quite rare to see. In fact, because of the psychological behavior of human being has the characteristics of diversification, in the crowd some extreme abnormal psychological characteristics there is always a probability distribution of a tiny, because of this, most of the time, and the police most probably spend their lives in together; even in the face of some people, but also the lack of to effectively deal with enough experience. However, from the perspective of behavioral science and psychology, abnormal psychology and behavior of any small probability, based on a long enough duration and large social population samples, it always appears in the specific time and place specific. Like in the good society like Norway acknowledged, there will inevitably be the island shooting such a bizarre murder of small probability event, shocked the world. Even in the United States, the detection rate of high society, there are many similar bizarre serial murder became long unsolved but not detected. In the psychological world, there has been a consensus, that is to do such a rare case of people, or biological genetic factors, but also intertwined with personal growth, background, psychological aspects of social factors. So, treat any similar case and case, not only to.相关的主题文章: