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Do not think the baby is sure to make money! Tell the truth, the IMF T+0 is not 100% – Sohu financial base friends in the use of Monetary Fund T+0 quick redemption, there have been no experience of failure? Recently, the Fund Industry Association issued a notice to the fund, to sort out the product require fund companies to provide T+0 services for its rapid redemption, to design a stress testing scheme, establishing appropriate model for the evaluation of products T+0 quick redemption service’s liquidity, financial pressure etc.". At present, the provision of T+0 rapid redemption service products are mainly based on the IMF – home travel essential items, like the balance of treasure, CAITONG and so on, almost replace the demand deposits momentum. However, the base friends in the use of T+0, there have been no experience of failure? Anyway, the base armor is encountered. Once at the weekend – Saturday Jia Jia submitted a sum of 10 thousand yuan quickly redeemed monetary fund. Under normal circumstances, the money is within two minutes to reach the bank card drops. But this time it is strange, a received a message sent to the fund’s redemption reminder, but has not yet received a notice from the bank sent to the account. And so on for more than two hours, or did not receive the money, a decided to call the bank customer service. Bank customer service who first thought is distinction — Interpretation of a "common monetary fund redemption" and "the T+0 redemption" to Jia Jia estimates usually have a lot of this kind of advice — but people and those outside a sexy bitch is not the same, why don’t love this problem! After several rounds of questions, finally bank customer service reply brother Jia Jia — did not receive fund payment. It seems that the problem lies in the fund company, and then a phone call to the fund company customer service. Fund company customer service sister did receive a refund application, but in the case of money to the bank, resulting in the failure of the plan. "And what about that?" Customer service said it would apply for a re – payment, but – redemption plan to wait until next Monday, and according to the ordinary redemption, the fastest arrival time is next Tuesday! What is the reason for the failure of the model? Fund company customer service believes that the responsibility of the bank in the other side, because the banking system problem. But who knows what the truth is? In short, this is a failure of the T+0 redemption experience: Saturday is expected to foreclosures, the result was delayed for 3 days (Tuesday to paragraph)! Moreover, the delay of 3 days did not enjoy the normal Monetary Fund income. Do not know the other base in the use of Monetary Fund T+0 when there is no accident, for this example, a is to remind everyone, T+0 quick redemption is not 100 percent reliable. If one day you are in urgent need of a large sum of money, the rapid redemption of goods but not to the account, how to do? So, to sort out the product regulators to carry out T+0 quick redemption service for the fund company, a people think it is necessary, we use the IMF T+0 function was more assured. "Ordinary redemption" and "T+0 redemption" a lot of friends will be confused, it is not normal to mention the day to the day, why.相关的主题文章: