Do not score can also be led! NBA history of the four alternative leaders spyair

Do not score can also be led! NBA history four offbeat sina sports leaders in the basketball game, the key to victory is still higher than the opponent, but the attack must be bright and colorful will attract audiences more tickets than defense. But long experience tells us that the offense to win the box office, defense can win the championship. Many of the NBA team’s boss is the team’s scoring, but in the history of NBA, there are some players rely on their own defense to become the boss of the team. This star is obviously not easy. 1 – Russell Bill, "the Lord of the rings" Russell won the championship rings both hands with no end. This is because his teammates are the times strongmen, also because of his defensive ability is rise above the common herd "basketball emperor", even Chamberlain in front of him to eat shriveled. 2 – Howard Dwight, now Howard is obviously old, physical quality is on the decline, but he when magic is very fierce, once in the league only a single for James, but also his own terror inside establish no fly zone, a magic belt with the finals in 2009. 3, Weiss – ang saierde short ang saierde inside play a very tough year, is the spiritual pillar of the Washington Bullets and the absolute core. In the finals are 11 points can also get FMVP, only one person in his history. 4, Gary Payton as the only one in history to guard the identity to get the best defensive player of the year who has a nickname "gloves", You’ll see. Payton’s defense has good. The Seattle team was his team. (above the rim, headlines)相关的主题文章: