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Do it yourself will be able to eat the delicious dessert generally: Mango pancake – Sohu mother recently this time to eat mango more, because a friend sent a big box, so I want to make a change to the children to eat, the mango pancake breakfast, if you feel trouble, also can directly eat mango, here a simple way to share with you. Mango pancakes for raw materials: 80 grams of flour, 1 egg, 1 egg, 200ml milk, butter 20 grams, 1 mangoes, 20 grams of sugar, cream amount method 1, sift the flour, add milk to stir. 2, take a whole egg yolk + A + sugar, stir, add milk to stir. 3, egg and milk flour 4, add melted butter, mix well after the screening. 5, into the pan quickly spread (butter, batter here will not have to refuel), small fire fry to the surface of low temperature solidification, bubbles can take the fried dough to clean surface cooling backup. 6, send a cream, take a cool face, tails (that is, and the pot side contact), add a spoonful of dough in the middle of the pass the cream, add mango, add a spoonful of cream, such as the above steps will wrap up the mango square. 7, is it a mango class good halberd, placed in the refrigerator after the food taste better. Because I was eating breakfast, so there is no refrigerator, ready to eat directly after the. Recommended reason: vitamin A and vitamin C content in mango is very high, it contains fiber can promote bowel movements, there are certain benefits for the prevention of constipation, but to observe the baby is allergic to mango. A mango pancake although the taste is more rich, heat is also high, so the children not greedy oh! My contact: WeChat subscription number: child nutritionist Yan Lingling (share original children’s diets); attention to children’s nutrition, postpartum weight-loss diet collocation research and development may each baby grow up healthy and happy, treasure the mother more beautiful and confident!相关的主题文章: