Disney was also challenged in China by the richest man in India mmhouse

In China was the richest man to challenge Disney in India also encountered trouble in the business of Disney in India met some trouble. India’s "economic times" reported that Disney does not intend to continue to less than a week after the shooting of Hindi film in India, Disney’s office in India has confirmed the news, Disney in Bollywood producer services will be the full stop, the next focus will be placed in Hollywood movies in the India local issuance, authorization and derivatives business on. In Disney’s statement, reasons from the Bollywood production business is attributed to "re investment in the local film industry in the existing economic model under the challenge", that is to say Disney Toupai Bollywood films do not make money. In August 11th, Disney master of the Bollywood movie "Mohenjo Daro" officially released. The film’s investment of over 15 million U.S. dollars, this figure in Bollywood is not small, Bollywood history the highest investment in the movie "King" is bakho Barre $40 million, down two and was made into a movie. But the final box office is not ideal, so far only $8 million 300 thousand box office. In accordance with the split ratio between the film and theater usually count, Disney can be divided into the left and right is $4 million, which means that in this project, Disney will have at least $10 million in losses. Contrary to the "Mohenjo Daro" performance, the introduction of India’s "fantasy forest" broke the Hollywood film in India box office records. The previous record by the speed and passion 7 to maintain the score of $23 million 400 thousand. The "fantasy forest" in the 12 days of the time to reach $23 million 700 thousand. Due to the huge population base and established Bollywood viewing population, India has been regarded as the most important, or that is the most important one of the future film market. Disney also in 2012 to $454 million price, the acquisition of a local film and television company UTV to expand their market in India. In August last year, Disney international Andy Bird in the face of nearly 100 reporters around the world to explain the international strategy of the also specifically referred to the India market. "In India, about 95% of the film is a Bollywood film, so to participate in the India local film business is very important to us." Andy Bird said, "we plan to shoot 10 to 12 films with Disney brand." But these movies are not very successful. "Mohenjo Daro" bad reviews, India website DNA title is "wrong" to describe it. "Yindisitan times" the critic Anupama Chopra wrote: "so many talented people to join, but this movie is a mess." "Mohenjo Daro" is not the only one who suffered a bad movie, in February released the love movie "Fitoor" evaluation is not high. Disney choose to stop their business in the Bollywood film production!相关的主题文章: