Deuterium fusion Triton breakthrough is currently the strongest radiation source of energy 500 times vidown

Deuterium fusion breakthrough: Triton is currently the strongest radiation source of energy 500 times – Sohu military channel map "Z" (Z machine). Pictures from the network of nuclear fusion research into a new stage. According to the U.S. "science" magazine online edition reported that in November 15th, the U.S. Department of energy’s Sandy National Laboratory in the days before the world’s strongest radiation source — the "Z" (Z machine) device opens the deuterium tritium – controlled nuclear fusion experiment. When the ratio of deuterium tritium in the future reaches 50: 50, it will produce the energy of the current maximum energy of 500 times. Controlled nuclear fusion, if successful, can almost make people out of the energy crisis. Raw materials: the hydrogen isotope deuterium required from seawater can be extracted, it is estimated that 1 liters of water extract in deuterium if fully participate in the fusion reaction, the energy released is equivalent to 300 liters of gasoline combustion energy released. And another kind of hydrogen isotope tritium, also known as tritium, the half-life is 12 years, very rare and dangerous, but the fusion between it and deuterium is the most easy, far better than the current common – deuterium deuterium fusion. The research team will be a mixture of deuterium – tritium filling equipment to fuel, in addition to tritium, "Z machine" will inspire more energy, it’s already amazing the number of neutrons produced hitherto unknown to cap will be soaring, when the fuel and electromagnetic field fusion, the neutron number will increase 60 times to 90 times, produce new mixed fuel energy will also be 500 times the original. However, this can not be done overnight, in the experiment, first add tritium in less than 0.1% of the total tritium, in the next 5 years, continue to add to the fuel in the tritium and deuterium proportion can reach 50 to 50. The project team executive Mike Cuneo said? Create so much energy equipment had never appeared. Located in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (NIF) is different, the "Z" field can appear alpha particle confinement, and along the field line will capture them, thus bringing together more energy to sustain fusion. However, the tritium molecular volume is too small easily into any part of the equipment, when used in the facilities required to achieve control and radiation protection is quite high requirements, the experiment must be very careful, team will also be under control gradually increase the fuel delivery ratio.相关的主题文章: