Could you be on the right track E-sports professional into the rapid development of the Sina hero al mide-031

Could you be on the right track? Professional electronic sports into the high-speed development of sina hero alliance area of the Ministry of Education recently occupation education and adult education department issued the "notice" on 2017 higher school enrollment professional occupation to declare the work, published 13 professional additions in 2016, including electronic sports and management professional, the professional set up under the "big class education and professional sports and professional sports class, will be performed in 2017. With the publication of news, many people have said that if the good times to catch up with the Born Under A Bad Sign, maybe you can fight for the country, for the glory of the country. There are many gaming circles in V who have said that this is a rise of gaming, I hope there will be more people to fight for the dream. Combined with a while before we discussed the e-sports is applying for the Olympic Games news, we can see that E-sports is gradually recognized by the community. However, the emergence of professional electronic sports can really become a high-speed train carrying the gaming dream accelerated ahead? I’m not so optimistic about the answer. Not surprisingly new professional development from the recent point of view, whether it is related to the game broadcast, live, tickets and other income, or based on the network platform for live video and anchor advertising effectiveness. E-sports this big cake can produce the output value is very impressive. When the market demand, the corresponding personnel training is crucial. The car is hot, the car design, car maintenance and other special skills on the need for a large number of special training, and to achieve the ultimate goal for the export of talent. This is called "electronic sports and management," the emergence of a new specialist, it seems that the Ministry of education is advancing with the times, to meet the current needs of the development of the society issued by the emerging professional. But in order to meet the needs of today’s market and the establishment of educational professionals, in fact, is not what the new move of the Ministry of education. In the early years when the computer has just become popular, there is the emergence of computer applications. When the computer was a hot emerging professional moment, so many people feel that the best way to integrate with the times is to learn computer. Then the country began to vigorously support the animation industry, animation professionals will also rise together. Even my two or three lines of small cities in the early years in the development of science and Technology Development Zone has set up a special Animation Industrial Park, the establishment of a special animation school to recruit talent. A lot of time carries the dream of cartoon loving children, are like mad to enroll in the private school. Until today, an art related colleges and universities if there is no animation professional will be some of the times and out of touch. After the game in the country to create the value of the more and more aroused the concern of the community. Whether it is our independent research and development of "Fantasy Westward Journey" is Europe and the United States as "World of Warcraft", the network game can bring the market value of so many people surprised and envious. As has been said that the market demand will produce relevant training institutions, so the game design profession gradually appeared in front of the students. Fun games, and then to design the game and then make a lot of money. This is.相关的主题文章: