Congo (DRC) anti-government demonstrations to upgrade the Chinese part of the conflict trapped shdoclc.dll

Congo (DRC) upgrade anti-government demonstrations conflict some Chinese trapped – Beijing, Beijing, September 22, according to foreign media reported on 22, Congo (gold) the capital recently set off a wave of anti-government protests, protesters demanded the president by the end of this year as scheduled. To this end, start a conflict between anti-government protesters and police forces, the local Chinese shops have become the target of "looting". It is understood that during the outbreak of protests, Chinese business shops have become the "looters" attack object. In parts of the capital Kinshasa because of large-scale riots opposition demonstrations, many Chinese shops were robbed, some Chinese still trapped. According to reports, local government officials accused the opposition engaged in targeted robbery, robbing the southern capital of a number of banks and Chinese shops. However, according to the Chinese Embassy in the local embassy, the opposition held during the riots in the procession, leading some people to see what to play, what to see what". It’s not just the Chinese shops, but also the local gas stations, shops and cars. Opposition groups in Congo to protest the purpose of this is to force the ruling President Kabila in December this year, when the term expires in late 2001 to step down and hold elections in November. So far, however, Kabila has not had any electoral arrangements. In May this year, the country’s constitutional court has said that Kabila can stay in the general election held before, continue to control the regime. The opposition pointed out that this is Kabila want to stay on the show, and called for a series of protests. Tense situation in Congo, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern that he called on all political leaders in the country to avoid any action that will lead to deterioration of the situation. Ban Ki-moon condemned the violence that killed at least 17 people, including three police officers.相关的主题文章: