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College students in the QQ group figure jurisprudence teacher: bucket scale is too large to accept a "Fujian University of Technology recently, a professional three students in the QQ group" bucket maps "by the school of criticism" of micro-blog spread on the internet. "Bulletin", three students in the group released the taste vulgar, violent pictures "bucket map", in violation of the "network civilization", decided to criticism and education for three students, and students in the semester to join the party to cancel the relevant qualification. In this regard, the school of information science and engineering, Fujian University of Technology, a teacher informed that the notice is indeed from the college, the outside world did not see the contents of the group, can not imagine how serious." He told reporters, in addition to a large number of vulgar and violent pictures published in the QQ group, the party secretary of the College under the reminder, the three students not only did not converge, but ridicule party secretary in the group. Secretary of the Party committee to remind the hospital was ridicule in November 29th, the number of micro-blog City, Fuzhou University, the new issue of the powerful hospital! The students "bucket map" criticized "one article, and posted a" College of information science and Engineering Bulletin on the computer professional 15 grade three students in violation of the network civilization "(hereinafter referred to as the" bulletin "), causing hot friends, called the school Big deal". The relevant staff confirmed by the Fujian University of Technology "bulletin" said that the existing computer 1501, 1502 class XXX and three students on the night of November 24th in the 15 level computer professional QQ group chat, vulgar taste and violence in the group released the pictures in the "fight", causing more severe impact on students. The college students work leading group study and approval by the college Party committee, decided to notify the event within the hospital. Three of the students read and department first through research, decided to make mistakes, criticism and education for XXX three students, ordered to review, and read aloud in a certain range, cancel the relevant students this semester admission qualification. In this regard, the Fujian University of Technology computer professional students told reporters: "() is indeed very erotic, we look terrified, but also @ Secretary of the Party committee secretary of the hospital, and the joke is really dead." For the punishment of the school, the students think it is more reasonable, if the teacher does not ask whether or not, it is too indulgent, and punishment is not particularly harsh it." He said that in the group saw the bucket figure, people will feel that should be punished". School teacher: the scale is too large, we can not accept the 80 young teachers in November 30th, Fujian University of Technology teachers informed Qi Jin (a pseudonym) told reporters that night, he does not see the post online, chat, really feel that the scale is too large, "even if we 80 young teachers, is unlikely to accept". "Group is our professional group, usually used to inform things and layout of the work, there are a lot of professional teachers, as well as the leadership of the institute." Qi Jin said that the most junior students just normal chat, then a student pick the hair picture, began a crazy bucket figure". Qi Jin told reporters, bucket figure during the party secretary of the college to see, in the group to remind them, you do not fight, to take care of other people’s feelings". But not stop students"相关的主题文章: