Choose a skill autumn health eat melon jodie foster

Choose a skill has many different kinds of vegetables in the autumn season autumn health eat melon, and the melon is absolutely can not forget. Melon is rich in nutritional value, and also have a lot to eat. Here, we introduce the nutritional value of melon and purchase tips. The nutritional value of melon containing protein, carotene, carbohydrate, vitamins, crude fiber and calcium, phosphorus, iron, and potassium content is high, low sodium content. Acid contained in wax gourd alcohol, can effectively inhibit carbohydrate into fat. Melon juice and melon extract could increase the animal urine volume, reduce the degree of renal lesion caused by mercuric chloride, and significantly decrease the content of serum creatinine. Histopathology revealed that the melon total amino acid (high dose), protecting and blocking effects of renal injury were induced by mercuric chloride on melon cucurbitacin obviously. A gourd seed fatty oil protein carbohydrate adenine vitamin B1 vitamin B2 nicotinic acid and trigonelline and other ingredients. Let’s look at the following white gourd how to choose it. Melon tips to buy in the vegetable market on melon, black and white three kinds of green. White gourd flesh thin, loose, easy tasty; black melon flesh, dense meat, edible best quality. Between the winter melon is between two. People buy with black melon is preferred. The melon fruit shape such as shells (long rod), choose guatiao symmetry, no hot spots (sunlight sunburn) to buy. Because the price is the same, so buy than other types of melon to pay. In particular: finger pressure melon flesh, pick meat thick buy, because this kind of melon good to eat; the soft flesh cooked into a "bubble", eat bad. The best consumption period is 7, August summer season. Although the melon storage, but still fresh eating quality for. Finally, introduce the practice of winter melon soup, continue to look down. Ingredients: wax gourd soup gourd amount, amount, amount of scallops dried shrimps steps: choose this mould thick thick wax gourd, mould proof of this ripe melon. Melon peeled, cored and cut into thick pieces. Soak dried shrimps, scallops in advance. A pot of water, add melon slices, ginger slice. After the fire to boil, add dried shrimps, scallops, small fire stew. Such as melon transparent, soft, sprinkle salt and pepper. Tips: melon common are white and green on the other, white melon stew when easy soft rotten, green water melon large. In addition, in addition to soup, eat these fruits and vegetables can also play the role of nourishing lungs. Autumn eat melon benefits, do not miss.相关的主题文章: