China’s first single graphene production base in Xiamen put into operation 2 shares soaring coscoqd

The first domestic graphene production base in Xiamen put into operation at 2 shares soaring Phoenix finance graphene industry usher in a symbolic moment: the first mainland China graphene production base in Xiamen put into operation, the production capacity is expected to reach 5000 tons in 2020. It is reported that the constant Shengtai graphene Technology Co., 6 announced the first domestic graphene production base in Xiamen put into operation, the actual controller of the company, Zhang Bozeng said, this production line put into operation on the day of the annual production capacity of 100 tons, will build more production lines, 2018 will increase capacity to the scale of 1000 tons, to 2020 to reach the scale of 5000 tons. Analysts believe that this will be the prelude to the advancement of the world from the laboratory to the comprehensive development of graphene industry, will be completely rewritten to graphene manufacturing, the high price of history, but also means that there is a "super material graphene industry" that will enter the era of application. Recommended attention Dongxu optoelectronics, Jiawei shares. Phoenix four stocks contest start three months Guangdong 600 thousand bonuses, winning number over 300, there are 80 million firm funds waiting for you to grab! Research Dongxu Dongxu Dongxu photoelectric released 2016 semi annual report. The first half of 2016 the company achieved operating income of 2 billion 882 million, an increase of 89.08%, the company in the development of the concept of graphene field adhere to the endogenous and extension of both the completion of the Shanghai Valley carbon acquisition in March, and with Taizhou, Deyang, Tianjin, Dongli, Beijing China graphene Union Collaborative Innovation Research Institute, ICN2, Spain government and industry organizations, scientific research institutions, and vigorously promote the industrialization of graphene. In July the company launched a representative graphene battery product "aliking", the graphene based lithium ion battery excellent performance, can satisfy the 5C condition, realize quick charge within 15 minutes of discharge, can work in -30~80 C environment, the cycle life of up to 3500 times higher. And at the conference site 6 companies to complete the contract. EPS is expected to be 0.33 yuan 2016-2018 shares, $0.38 shares and $0.48 shares. Taking into account the plans set by the company in 2016 will further enhance the company’s position in the industry, and the market gradually recognized in the field of graphene Dongxu photoelectric breakthrough, giving the company 49 times 2016 earnings, target price 16 yuan, buy rating. [Haitong Securities Limited by Share Ltd] Jiawei shares layout of graphene technology, new energy technology can break. At present, graphene has been a breakthrough in the preparation of graphene materials, powder and film the two segments have achieved industrial applications in consumer electronics, integrated circuit, lithium batteries, super capacitors, rubber, paint, adsorbents and other segments of the industry application. The company as an early layout graphene technology companies, in the industrialization of graphene varieties reserves have enough room for development, the company’s future graphene technology to develop advanced energy materials business can be expected. We are optimistic about the company’s smart home business and new energy technology platform for parallel upgrades, 16-18 is expected to EPS 0.81, 1.05]相关的主题文章: