China and India economic growth why so high rainlendar

China and India economic growth why so high? Abstract: according to the world bank data, in 2015 China’s per capita GDP growth of 6.4%, India’s per capita GDP growth rate of 6.4%. Tencent financial news, according to World Post articles, the world’s fastest growing two countries are China and India. There is a big difference between the two countries’ economic development model and the Western model of low speed growth. In the process of rapid economic expansion in China and India, government investment has played a very important role, while private investment growth is slow, and sometimes decline. In contrast, western countries are more dependent on private investment, while government investment growth is slow. Often with the rapid economic development rapid growth of government investment. China and India rely on government investment to accelerate the rapid growth of rapid economic growth, and over reliance on private investment in the United States, Europe and Japan, the economic growth is relatively slow. China and India’s rapid economic growth, according to world bank data, in 2015 China’s per capita GDP growth of 6.4%, India’s per capita GDP growth rate of 6.4%. In the world’s major countries, this growth is the fastest. At the same time, it also promotes the rapid growth of household income and consumption. Especially in 2015, China and India’s economic growth is far more than the western countries. 2015 EU per capita GDP growth of 1.7%, the United States was 1.6%, Japan was $0.6%. Economic growth in China and India is almost the same as last year, according to data in 2016, while growth in the US, the European Union and Japan slowed. From the Chinese European Institute for international economics professor Zhu Tian according to the National Bureau of statistics pointed out that from January 2016 to June, government investment in fixed assets increased by 23.5% compared with the same period last year, while private fixed asset investment growth rate fell to 2.8%. India’s economic growth is also very fast. Pranjul, chief economist at HSBC in India, said that government investment in India rose by 21% in the year to, compared with a year earlier, while private investment actually fell by about $1.4% in July. In other words, the two fastest growing economies in the world are driven by the rapid growth of government investment, and the role of private investment is very small. Economic growth in the western countries and China and India, compared to Western economies are experiencing slow growth. China’s per capita GDP growth in the first quarter of 2016 was 6.2%, India is 6.6%, but the EU is only $1.6%, the United States is only 1.3%, Japan is only $0.2%. In the second quarter, China and India to maintain the same rate of growth, while the U.S. GDP per capita growth rate has dropped to 0.4%, only China’s per capita GDP growth of about 1/14. If we look at the world’s major economies since 2007 the growth rate of GDP per capita, Chinese per capita GDP growth rate rose 85%, India’s GDP per capita growth of 52%, but the per capita GDP rose only 3%, the EU and Japan’s per capita growth rate of less than 2% GDP. Therefore, China and India per capita GDP growth rate is far more than other developed.相关的主题文章: