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Chengdu "no smoking" to upgrade the hospital three years after a comprehensive smoke-free (Figure) October 7th, a hospital in Chengdu, next to the smokers sitting a patient. To increase the public enforcement of tobacco control institutions, hospitals and schools in Chengdu after three years of comprehensive smoke-free governance, control of smoking in public places has been nearly 20 years. How to let people can consciously participate in tobacco control? Just after the national day, Chengdu once again upgrade smoking ban". In October 7th, the WCC reporter from the office of the Chengdu municipal government published the "Chengdu Municipal People’s Government on Further Strengthening the patriotic health work in the new period of the implementation of views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") in that: by 2020, the city party and government organs and institutions at all levels of health planning agencies, schools, kindergartens and youth activity centers to achieve and maintain smoke-free units standard. Leading cadres take the lead in smoking cigarettes, no official activities in October 7th, according to the "opinions", Chengdu city to carry out tobacco control work in accordance with the law clearly, to the implementation of laws and regulations on the ban on smoking in public places, the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the general Office of the State Council "notice to the leading cadres to take the lead in matters related to smoking in public places" (office word 2013 No. 19) requirements, supervise the leading cadres to abide by the provisions banning smoking in public places. For leading cadres to take the lead in smoking ban, very fine. For example, leading cadres at all levels should not smoke in schools, hospitals, stadiums, public cultural facilities, public transportation and other public places, in other public places where smoking is prohibited marking should take the lead to not smoking." A civil servant in the municipal authorities revealed that the provisions of the smoking ban from public and private activities are required. For example, in the official activities of Party and government organs at all levels, the official activities of the organizer shall not provide tobacco products, official activities of the participants are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, cigarettes. At the same time, the use of public funds or the use of public funds to prohibit tobacco consumption expenditures. Party and government organs of the office area, but also clearly for the non-smoking area. The reporter understands, the internal organs will prohibit the sale or supply of tobacco products, ban tobacco advertising, smoking is prohibited in public office, also asked the front desk, meeting rooms, dining rooms, corridors, and other places to post eye-catching Restroom smoking logo. In September this year, the twelfth session of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the seventh plenary session, the reporter noted that in the meeting discipline stated in the venue prohibit smoking". Whether it is the general assembly or group discussion, the participants have to abide by the ban on smoking discipline. The case was reported not to stop smoking, Chengdu cadres were interviewed so that leading cadres in violation of the ban on discipline, how to deal with it? Just last year, a Chengdu netizen wrote to Longquanyi (micro-blog) district report, a cadre in the district smoking in the office, in violation of the regulations, should be dealt with severely. Longquanyi Internet message handling work leading group office soon to users a reply letter, said the investigation by the cadre is not in the smoking area, but in the work of the work of the masses, occasional smoking by the office, not to stop, not timely cleaning of cigarette butts, led to a misunderstanding. In this regard, the agency held a meeting of all cadres and workers, reiterated the ban on smoking in public places and institutional regulations"相关的主题文章: